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CBP Collaborations
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The Crop Bioprotection Research unit has a long and productive history of collaborative research involving stakeholders, universities and other research institutions within the USA and around the world.


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USA collaborators

        Within ARS

                       -Jeff Cary, USDA-ARS, Southern Regional Research Center

                      -Louela A. Castrillo PhD., ARSEF, USDA. Mosquito control

                       -Marilyn Warburton, USDA- ARS, Mississippi State

        Universities / Industry

                      -Tom Clemente, Plant Transformation Center, University of Nebraska

                       -Richard and Sue Musser, Dept. Biology, Western Illinois University

                      -Steve Juliano PhD., Illinois State University. Mosquito-microbe interactions

                      -Kim Wesley PhD. / Katie Westby PhD., Tyson Research Center. Mosquito control, immunity

                      -Charles Thompson PhD., Illinois State University. Bird mite microbiota

                      -Andrea Joyce PhD., University of California Merced. Mosquito control, mosquito microbiota

                      -Western Illinois, mycology

                      -New Mexico State University Actinomyces

                      -Texas A&M Univ-Kingsville. Insect Control Asian Citrus Psyllid

                      -Plant City FL, Pathway Biologic Beneficial bacteria

                      -Homestead, FL Avocado insect control

                      -Richard Michelmore, UC Davis

                      -University of Illinois. Mosquito microbiome


International collaborators

        Argentina: UNRC Wheat

                        UNR Bacillus Phylogenomics

        Australia:  Toowoomba, Australia USQ, Peanuts

                        Adelaide, Australia, Flinders University, Wheat

        Brazil:       EMBRAPA Biopesticides

                        Ana Bahia PhD., Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Mosquito-pathogen interactions.

        Colombia: Universidad de Antioquia, Beneficial bacteria

        China:      Shandong Univ. Microbial diversity

        Germany: Heiko Vogel (through Richard Mussser) Max Planck Institute

        India:       Ashwini P. Benke, ICAR Directorate of Onion and Garlic Research

        Kenya:     International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE)

        Pakistan:  Univ of Agriculture (Faisalabad) Insect Control

        Panama:   Lorenzo Caceres PhD. /  Rolando Torres,  Gorgas Institute of Health. Mosquito-parasite interactions, mosquito control