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Weather Data from Swan Lake Research Farm

Weather data for these pages is collected at the Swan Lake Research Farm, which is located in the North West corner of Section 35, Swan Lake Township, Stevens County (Approximately 6 miles north and 4 miles east of Morris, MN).

45o 41' N Latitude and 95o 48' W Longitude. Elevation 1211 feet.

Weather variables in the following table and files are defined below. 

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Terms used:

Air Temperature
The maximum and minimum air temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit from a shielded thermistor placed 6.56 feet above the ground.

Growing Degree Days
Accumulated degree days above a specified temperature (40, 50, or 50/86). All Growing Degree Days (GDD) are calculated using the formula: {(Tmax + Tmin)/2} - B = Growing Degree Days (GDD) where B represents a base temperature value of 40 or 50 degrees Fahrenheit. For the base 50/86 method, the following adjustments are made: 1) temperatures below 50 degrees F are set at 50 degrees F, and 2) temperatures above 86 degrees F are set at 86 degrees F. The starting date for the GDD calculation is when farmers generally start planting in our area.

Total precipitation in inches measured with a tipping bucket rain gauge.

Relative Humidity
The maximum and minimum relative humidity in percent (%).

Soil Temperatures
Maximum and minimum soil temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit from type T thermocouple under bare soil.

Solar Radiation
Total radiation measured three meters above ground, kilojoules per square meter for 2016 and newer. The Solar Radiation sensor is often covered with snow during the winter months, so the value may be incorrect during those times.

Wind Speed
Average wind speed at two meter height in miles/hour.