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Simon: Trial: 2004cal_baby_n
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2004 California Carrot Trial Results

USDA California Carrot Trials 2004
Baby Carrots - Entries Listed by Field Number

Number of Judges Placing in ClassFlavor2
EntryPedigree or NameSource 1  2  3  4  5 Mean1RankHS
B401Sweet Bites




B403Primecut 59


B404(2144A x 5494B) x 7808394-42816.58.52.92943
B405(5280A x 6366B) x 1111225-23151512.416744.5
B406(5280 x 6366) x 6526630-2717.591.52.148444
B407(2126A x 7808B) x 5438393-326.5187.512.97274.53
B409(2126A x 6253B) x 5438393-252462.038954
B410(6253 x 2144) x 8233744-4217.512.532.476154
B411HY. 8250Rijk Zwaan722.54.511.99924.54
B412(6366A x 8378B) x 9256395-42519.57.513.012444
B413(6333A x 8233B) x 3035B322-53171412.37704.54
B414(2566A x 6253B) x 8233297-221118.53.52.674453.5
B415HY. 7902Rijk Zwaan815.59.522.168334
B416(2302 x 6366) x 7322168-526.522.542.813543
B418(6333 A x 6366) x 7241739-819.518.562.843343.5
B419(6333A x 6366B) x 6526B025-8317132.37343
B420(6253S x 2144) x 7322296-336.518.573.84743
B421(6366A x 8378B) x 1111390-541312.54.52.515944.5
B423(6366 x 5238) x 6526162-4419.511.52.21783.53
B424(5280A x 6366B) x V.long320-36.510.514.52.53.381544
B425SBC K15Sun2815.59.53.93444
B426(5280 x 6274L) x 7241739-7611.512.552.476244
B427(6253 x 2144) x 2126145-2610.5162.52.43653.54.5
B429(5280A x 5238C) x 7322296-24815712.8372.53
B430(6366 x 2226) x 5438157-731116.54.52.64473.52.5
B432(6333 x 8542MjR-B) x 8503MjR-B925-661612.50.52.217944
B433(5280A x 7808B) x 9256254-421416.52.52.565544
B434HMX 0331HM1817.56.523.012544.5
B435(2144A x 2126B) x 1138392-23121642.6513.54
B436Sweet BitesHM2111662.74403.53.5
B437(5280A x 6366B) x 8233B031-11101691.979343
B438(6366A x 6274B) x 8542BMjR252-2916.59.52.01904.53
B440(6333 x 8542MjR) x 5497160-3413.517.52.396954.5
B441(2126 x 7808) x 7322168-625.522.552.873243.5
B443(2566 x 6253) x 9256180-521019.53.52.74344
B4446253S x 2144802-931019.51.52.57543.53
B445SBC K44Sun2217144.23244
B446(5280 x 6274L) x 2126716-8713.5113.52.317243.5
B447(5280A x 6366B) x 8524MjR248-4911.513.512.198123
B449(5280 x 6366) x 5477622-269.5153.52.47634.54.5
B451(6333 x 8483MjR-B) x 6526919-4121571.859553
B452(7241 x 2566L) x 6526738-3710.514.522.347144.5
B453HY. 8517Rijk Zwaan621.54.522.078723
B455(2144A x 2126B) x 5438393-421119.51.52.65034
B456HM 02HM310.519.522.59532.54
B457(6366 x 2144) x 6526919-3114.519.52.535833
B458(6333 x 54382) x 6526738-6613.5102.52.287643
B459(5280A x 6366B) x 5438B017-7410.517.532.56563.54
B460SugarSnax 54Sun4111552.65244
B461(2144A x 5494B) x 9256395-32918.55.52.79384.54
B462S.C. x 7403MjR-B820-6617.58.522.198043
B463(2144A x 5494B) x 1138392-62141452.634923
B464HY. 8518Rijk Zwaan10168129143
B465(6366 x 2226) x 6526738-22.517.511.53.52.466454.5
B466(5280A x 6366B) x Nts.long321-318.5204.512.893143
B468(6253A x 2144B) x 7808394-2718823.141943
B470(6253A x 2144B) x 9256395-21519.58.513.1214.54
B471(2126A x 7808B) x 1111390-22918.54.512.813654
B472HMX 0329HM172163.9162.53
B473(6274 x 5280) x 7403MjR-B820-459.516.542.565733
B474(2126A x 6253B) x 1138392-51522.55.513.012634
B475HMX 2280HM36.5177.512.91284.53.5
B476(2126A x 7808B) x 3035B322-339.5175.52.714244
B478(2566A x 6253B) x 1111390-6613.515.52.277743.5
B479(6366A x 8378B) x 1138392-33817.56.52.79392.53
B480(5280A x 6366B) x 2126B010-3515.513.512.37544
B481PrimeCut 59Sun161993.032344
B482(2126A x 6253B) x 3035B322-221217212.65463.53
B484(6366A x 8378B) x 3035B322-446.5203.512.744133
B485(6366A x 6274B) x 8524MjR248-21013.510.512.07883.53.5
B486HY. 8235Rijk Zwaan92061.91944.54
B487(6333A x 54382) x 5497B020-10815.56.532.14853.52
B488(6366A x 6274B) x 7403240-2316.512.522.46834
B490(2126A x 6253B) x 1137391-4313.516.522.56033
B491(6253A x 2144B) x 1111390-4921.53.512.93043
B493(2566A x 6253B) x 1111225-5718102.098653.5
B494(6333 x 8524MjR-B) x 6526237-5812142.188234
B495(6253A x 2144B) x 8233B031-12121931.749644
B496(2126A x 6253B) x 9256254-651413212.436644.5
B497(6333A x 5438C) x 7808B029-11211.518.532.64483.54
B498(2144A x 5238B) x 9256254-7310.516.552.67454.54
B499(6253A x 2144B) x 6333B023-11619813.122044

Average Score:

1Mean based on average of 35 judges: 1 = unacceptable, 2 = poor, 3 = fair, 4 = good, 5 = excellent.
2Flavor (1 judge):H = Harshness: 1=Very harsh, 5=Very mild;
S = Sweetness: 1=Not sweet, 5=Very sweet