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Simon: Trial: 2001cal_cello_r
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2001 California Carrot Trial Results

USDA California Carrot Trials 2001
Cello Hybrid Trial - Entries Listed by Rank

Number of Judges Placing in ClassFlavor2
EntryPedigree or NameSource 1  2  3  4  5 Mean1RankHS
C158XCR 8593Sakata1314.57.54.1144
C111(7241A x 2144B) x 7403B028-43811.53.53.6443
C138SRC 3317Sun312833.4254.53.5
C107(6274 x 5280) x 8378815-4216713.27844
C134HMX 7323Harris Moran2167.50.53.25924.5
C106(2566A x 6253B) x 7808B029-931493.23102.54
C116HMX 6319Harris Moran510113.23113.53
C167(6253A x 2144B) x 6333B023-11710.55.533.171243.5
C127XPH 18349Asgrow1681013.151433.5
C166GROWER'S CHOICEPolonica316.56.53.13153.53
C147REX 240Sakata1511813.121633.5
C135(2566A x 5238C) x 2205B012-633108.51.53.1173.53.5
C1085280A x 5238B028-261283.08183.54
C132(6366A x 2226B) x 2126B009-971093.081933
C169(6333A x 8531B) x 8542B036-8417413.08203.54
C105S.C. x 7403MjR-B820-651563.042233
C172PS 140395Peto516532333.5
C112XPH 18346Asgrow179.58.52.982433
C101BIG SHOTAsgrow71362.962534
C103(6274 x 5280) x 7403MjR-B820-451742.962634
C136TOP NOTCHAsgrow812512.962744.5
C137(6366 x 2226) x 6526738-281262.92284
C151(5280 x 6274L) x 5494733-4171172.922944
C143BIG SHOTAsgrow61732.883044.5
C165(2566A x 6253B) x 5492B018-591162.88313.53.5
C141(6253A x 2144B) x 8233B031-12271072.853233
C152PS 131695Peto1713.54.52.833334
C104(6253A x 2144B) x 7241B027-62713222.81343.52
C173(5280A x 5238C) x 6366B024-8181252.813533
C161(6366A x 2226B) x 9695B040-91110.54.52.753623.5
C118(6333A x 8483B) x 8378B032-112812.52.512.71373.54
C139(6366A x 2226B) x 5280B015-103612.54.52.71383.54
C110HMX 5315Harris Moran191332.69403.53
C120(2566A x 6253B) x 5438B017-63108412.62413.54
C115(6366A x 2226B) x 7808B029-12291322.58423.53.5
C133(7241A x 2144B) x 8542B036-51213.50.52.564343.5
C157(5280A x 5238C) x 9304B038-7111130.50.52.56453.53
C164S.C. x 8542MjR-B821-62913.51.52.56463.53.5
C109(6366 x 2226) x 2144802-3391132.54473.54
C171(2566A x 6253B) x 6333B023-92101222.54483.53
C175(6366A x 6274B) x 5494B019-91139.52.52.524944
C148(6333A x 8503B) x 8542B036-6391312.46501.53
C150(6366A x 2226B) x 5492B018-7410932.42513.54
C123(2566A x 6253B) x 2205B012-74101022.38524.54
C125(5280A x 5238C) x 8524B035-54101022.385323
C142(6366A x 2226B) x 7241B026-91167.51.52.37542.53
C162(6253A x 2144B) x 6526B025-6213.5100.52.35553.53.5
C144(5280A x 5238C) x 7241B027-5591112.31563.54
C131PX 44994Peto610.563.52.275823.5
C146(6366A x 2226B) x 5438B016-941392.19602.53
C154(5280A x 5238B) x 8542B036-3416422.15613.53
C156(6253 x 2144) x 8233744-441482.156244
C122(9304 x 5238) x 2126608-3612.56.512.1653.54
C126(5280 x 5238) x 5438805-6996.51.52.026744.5
C113(5238A x 9304B) x 6526B025-481082683.53.5
C153(2566A x 5238C) x 5494B019-7712411.96693.54
C117(6366 x 2126) x 2170718-3616.52.511.947043
C128(7241A x 2144B) x 8524B035-8912411.887144
C130(5280A x 5238B) x 8233B031-1081351.887233.5
C159(6333A x 7403B) x 8542B036-91011411.85734.53
C174(6366A x 2226B) x 8503B034-97141.7574
C155BEJO 1907Bejo111041.727543.5

Average Score:

1Mean based on average of 26 judges: 1 = unacceptable, 2 = poor, 3 = fair, 4 = good, 5 = excellent.
2Flavor (1 judge):H = Harshness: 1=Very harsh, 5=Very mild;
S = Sweetness: 1=Not sweet, 5=Very sweet