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Simon: Trial: 2001cal_baby_r
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2001 California Carrot Trial Results

USDA California Carrot Trials 2001
Baby Carrots - Entries Listed by Rank

Number of Judges Placing in ClassFlavor2
EntryPedigree or NameSource 1  2  3  4  5 Mean1RankHS
B110PX 711202Peto316.57.54.17134
B154PX 711207Peto414.58.54.1723.54
B188XCR 9624Sakata91173.93344
B108REX 248Sakata81453.89434.5
B150HMX 0331Harris Moran91263.89542
B124XCR 0881Sakata1616.53.53.83634.5
B170HMX 0328Harris Moran2161173.74724
B144SXC 3295Sun13117.54.53.43103.54.5
B158HM 02Harris Moran48.513.513.431144
B168HMX 0329Harris Moran4111023.371234
B101PRIMECUT 59Sun3131013.331344
B130SXC 3293Sun1411743.331444
B190PX 711208Peto12166.51.53.21744
B172PX 711016Peto5146.51.53.171943.5
B125(6253A x 2144B) x 6333B023-1141673.112244
B127(6253A x 2144B) x 8233B031-12516513.07233.54.5
B152XCR 8593Sakata4113723.072544
B146EX 18057Asgrow241293.04263.54
B181PX 711109Peto151383.042744
B169(6253 x 2144) x 8233744-41514.55.513.02282.54
B166BEJO 1908Bejo713733034
B155(7241A x 2144B) x 8542B036-5618212.93313.54
B174PRIMECUT 59Sun2612612.93324.54
B135(5280A x 6366B) x 5238B014-9101162.853344
B140HM 03Harris Moran151832.85342.53.5
B164SUGARSNAX 54Sun261452.813544
B131(6333 A x 6366) x 6526738-42813312.74384.54
B111(5280A x 6366B) x 2126B010-31101242.73944
B167(6333A x 5438C) x 7808B029-11271532.74044.5
B116(6253A x 2144B) x 7241B027-62715.52.52.69412.53.5
B143(2566A x 6253B) x 7808B029-92101142.634233
B149(6333A x 54382) x 5497B020-10291332.63433.53
B122(2566A x 6253B) x 6333B023-92119.54.52.61444.53
B139(6366 x 2226) x 6526738-23910.54.52.614544
B175(7241A x 2144B) x 7403B028-411014.51.52.614644
B136(5280 x 6274L) x 5494733-41111322.594744.5
B161(2566A x 6253B) x 2205B012-76511.53.512.57484.54
B160XPH 18579Asgrow4910.53.52.54934
B1925280A x 5238B028-231011.52.52.55023
B193EXP 4Bejo491222.445133.5
B173(5280A x 6366B) x 8378B032-105811.52.52.43523.54
B141(6333A x 54382) x 5494B019-84128212.415323
B105(6333 x 54382) x 6526738-658.511.522.395444
B103(5280 x 6366) x 5438621-3213122.375543
B115(6366A x 2144B) x 2205B012-877.58.542.355644.5
B117XPH 18634Asgrow216812.35744.5
B151(5280A x 5238C) x 8524B035-5413912.26581.53
B107(5280 x 6366) x 6526630-2611.57.5112.24594.54
B153(6366A x 6274B) x 5494B019-9798.52.52.246044.5
B195SWEET BITESHarris Moran6109.51.52.246144
B182(6366A x 2144B) x 8524B035-7799.51.52.26213
B145(6366A x 6333B) x 5494B019-10611912.196344
B118(6253A x 2144B) x 6526B025-67108.51.52.176434
B132(6333A x 6366B) x 2566B013-751482.11654.53
B187S.C. x 8542MjR-B821-689912.116644.5
B119(6333A x 8531B) x 8542B036-8515.560.52.076744
B147(5238A x 9304B) x 6526B025-4614612.076844
B165(5280A x 5238C) x 9304B038-799722.07694.54
B133(6333A x 8542B) x 2566B013-8713612.047023
B191(6333A x 8524B) x 8542B036-7713612.04713.54
B183XPH 18633Asgrow812612734.53.5
B177(6366A x 2226B) x 7241B026-9814411.937533
B179BEJO 1907Bejo9125.50.51.917744
B180(6333A x 5438C) x 8524B035-691261.89781.53
B129(2566A x 6253B) x 5438B017-61012411.857934
B171(6333A x 8503B) x 8542B036-61110511.858023.5
B186(5280A x 5238C) x 7241B027-5101161.858142.5
B189(6333A x 54382) x 8542B036-4101161.85823.54
B184(2566A x 5238C) x 2205B012-6129.54.511.8833.54
B123(6333A x 54382) x 2566B013-691531.788444
B137(2566A x 6253B) x 5492B018-591531.788544
B198(6333A x 54382) x 7241B027-7129.55.51.768633.5
B109(6333A x 8483B) x 8378B032-111211311.748744
B120(7241A x 2144B) x 8524B035-8121051.74883.54
B159(6333A x 54382) x 7403B028-311841.7893.54
B157(6333A x 54382) x 6253B021-9111311.699023
B196(6366A x 6333B) x 9304B038-91113.52.51.69912.53.5
B197(6366 x 2226) x 2144802-31015.51.51.699244
B199(6333A x 6366B) x 5492B018-61211.52.51.639323
B113(5280A x 6366B) x 8233B031-11131131.639443
B121TEMPO (VAC 28)Vilmorin158311.63954.54
B138VAC 30Vilmorin121321.639634
B194(6333A x 5438C) x 9304B038-81311.52.51.61972.54
B163(6333A x 8524B) x 7403B028-6148211.69834
B178(6366A x 2226B) x 7808B029-12158.53.51.57993.54

Average Score:

1Mean based on average of 27 judges: 1 = unacceptable, 2 = poor, 3 = fair, 4 = good, 5 = excellent.
2Flavor (1 judge):H = Harshness: 1=Very harsh, 5=Very mild;
S = Sweetness: 1=Not sweet, 5=Very sweet