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Simon: Release: Goldenstate
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                        THE CALIFORNIA and FLORIDA


The United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service,
in cooperation with the California and Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations,
announce the release of GOLDEN STATE, pedigree (B3475 x B4367) x F524, a
fresh-market hybrid carrot adapted for production in both organic and mineral
soils where the market cultivars Gold Pak, Imperator 58 and Waltham Hicolor are

GOLDEN STATE has been evaluated for market quality in ten separate trials in
California and Florida during three growing seasons, 1980 through 1982.  Total
yields have not been significantly different from Imperator 58, the most widely
grown open-pollinated cultivar in California, but the marketable yield is
generally higher and interior color and eating quality are superior and more
uniform.  In 1981 and 1982, winter-grown observation plots of GOLDEN STATE
were displayed with commercial and experimental hybrid entries in trials at
the University of California, Imperial Valley Field Station (IVFS) near El
Centro, California.  Quality evaluation by judges representing growers, shippers,
seedsmen and breeders were on a numerical scale with a value of 1 for unacceptable
2 for poor, 3 for fair, 4 for good and 5 for excellent.  The mean values for
nine widely available commercial hybrids ranged from 1.3 to 2.8 in 1981 and
from 2.2 to 2.9 in 1982.  Following are the quality ratings:

                                     Mean Quality Ratings1/
     Entry                             1981        1982
     GOLDEN STATE                       3.4         3.3
     Orlando Gold                       3.4         2.9
     Candy Pack                         2.5         2.8
     Imperator 58                       2.0         2.2
     9 commercial hybrids2/             2.2         2.4
     1/34 judges in 1981 and 30 judges in 1982.

     2/Commercial hybrid entries were:  Fanci Pak, Dominator,
       Pakmor, Chancellor, Dagger, Tancar, Hi Pak, Tahoe and
       Spartan Fancy.

In similar trials in Florida GOLDEN STATE did not receive grades as high as
Orlando Gold.  Therefore it is recommended only for trial in the muck soils
of central Florida.  In California it should be subjected to large-scale trials
under standard commercial cultural and handling practices.
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The female parent of GOLDEN STATE produces unusually high yields of seed in
combination with a variety of pollen parents.  Following are seed yields
produced in 1982 under five screen cages each with a different pollen parent:

                          Pollen                   Isolation   Seed yield
Seed parent                parent      Hybrid          no.      gms/plant  
(B3640 x B4367) x B3640    F524      Orlando Gold      201          7.2
B3475 x B4367              F524      GOLDEN STATE      201         21.8

B3475 x B4367-11/          B8080     unnamed           205         25.2
B3640 x B30802/            B8080        "              205         10.6

B3640 x B30802/            B9253        "              207         12.4
B3475 x B43671/            B9253        "              207         23.2

B3475 x B43671/            B9692        "              209         23.6
(B3640 x B4367) x B36403/  B9692        "              209         12.5

B3640 x B30802/            B2327        "              213          4.0
B3475 x B43671/            B2377        "              213         14.4

1/Female parent in GOLDEN STATE.
2/Female parent in Candy Pack.
3/Female parent in Orlando Gold.

The average seed yield on (B3475 x B4367) with five different pollinators was
21.6 gms/plant while the seed parents of Candy Pack and Orlando Gold yielded
an average of 9.3 gms/plant.  Preliminary data from outdoor isolations indicate
that the seed yield advantage exhibited by the GOLDEN STATE female under screen
can be expected in seed production fields.  This prospect of superior seed
yields justifies the release of GOLDEN STAGE despite its failure to show any
clear superiority over Orlando Gold in the root crop.

The inbreds B4367M and F524 were released and distributed in April 1982 for
use in the production of hybrid Orlando Gold.  The sterile and maintainer lines
of inbred B3475 were released in March 1983.  Seedsmen interested in producing
GOLDEN STATE already have the needed components.  Seed of the sterile F1 parent
was produced by Alf Christianson Seed Company under a standard increase contract
in order to supply interested seedsmen with enough stock seed to undertake
immediate production.  Seedsmen who wish to produce GOLDEN STATE should request
a pro-rata share of this stock seed.  Those interested in testing the female
(B3475 x B4367) in experimental combinations with other inbreds should request
experimental samples for that purpose.  Trial samples of GOLDEN STATE and small
quantities of cage-grown breeders seed of lines B3475S, B3475M, B4367M and F524
can be secured by addressing requests to C. E. Peterson, USDA, ARS, Department
of Horticulture, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 53706.

Contracted pilot production of GOLDEN STATE scheduled for harvest in 1983 will
be pro-rated by the Alf Christianson Seed Company at a reasonable wholesale
price to seedsmen on orders received before September 1, 1983.  In the event
that any demand develops, this provision in the contract insures competing
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seedsmen a means of supplying their customers while initiating their own

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