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Simon: Release: Carolong
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Variety Release - Carrot Hybrid Carolong
                      WASHINGTON, D.C. 20250




The United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural
Research Service and the California and Florida Agricultural
Experiment Stations announce the release of carrot hybrid
CAROLONG tested under pedigree (6439Sx6274M2)xApopka.  CAROLONG
is a fresh market carrot adapted for production in both organic
and mineral soils of California and Florida.  It is especially
suitable where there is a need or preference for the stump-rooted
shape characteristics of the Nantes variety for market or home
garden production.  The flavor and quality of CAROLONG are
acceptable and with its cylindrical shape and extra length it is
expected to compete well with Nantes in foreign and U.S. markets.

CAROLONG was included in appearance trials for 3 years (1984-86)
at El Centro California and two years (1985 & 1986) at Zellwood,
Florida (see Table 1).  Theses trials demonstrated that hybrid
CAROLONG is acceptable as a commercial variety and should be
competitive with most available varieties on the basis of
appearance, color and shape.

A taste panel trial in 1985 indicated that CAROLONG was
competitive with the flavor of recently established varieties A
Plus, Savory and Apopka (see Table 2).

The inbred components that make up the female parent
(6439x62742) were released for producing the hybrid A Plus.
The pollen parent, FN2-9, was released under the name Apopka as
an open-pollinated source for breeding and production.  A pilot
production contract with Agrigenetics Corporation provides a
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production share to seedsmen who make a special request from the
USDA.  For breeding purposes, smaller seed quantities will be
supplied from our 1986 cage isolations.  Written requests from
breeders and seedsmen should be addressed to C. E. Peterson,
USDA, ARS, Department of Horticulture, University of Wisconsin
53706 before May 1, 1987.

____________________________________    __________________________
Director, California Agricultural       Date
 Experiment Station

____________________________________    __________________________
Director, Florida Agricultural          Date
 Experiment Station

____________________________________    __________________________
Administrator, ARS                      Date
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Table 1.  Average appearance of carrot hybrids based on seedsmen
and grower evaluations.

                               CALIFORNIA              FLORIDA   
Entry                     1984     1985     1986     1985     1986

CAROLONG                  3.1      2.8      3.4      3.5      2.9
Apopka                    2.8      3.0      2.8      3.1      2.4
Scarlet Nantes                     2.0               2.2
Hi-Color 9                         2.8      2.8      2.4      2.9
Imperator 58              2.6      1.9      2.7      1.6      2.5
Candy Pack                2.3      3.3      2.9      2.2      2.1
Orlando Gold              2.8      2.3      2.9      3.9      3.3
Golden State              2.3      3.0      3.3      3.0      2.9
Olympiad                  3.7      2.5      2.3      1.7      1.9
Savory                    3.0      3.0      3.4      3.4      2.5

Number of judges          49       52       43       10       39
Range and average of 14                   2.4-3.1           1.6-2.8
commercially hybrids                        2.8               2.4

Scores: 1=unacceptable, 2=poor, 3=fair, 4=good and 5=excellent.

Table 2. Overall Preference, 1985 Taste Panel

              CAROLONG    A Plus     Savory     Apopka

Florida        3.36 ef     3.65 e     3.64 e     2.99 f

California     4.33 c      4.83 ab    4.98 ab    4.28 ed

Score: 1 = dislike extremely, 7 = like extremely.

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