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Newsletter: Allium and Umbelliferae Purpose
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    Allium Newsletter


    Allium Newsletter




There is ongoing research on the improvement of a range of vegetable crops and ornamentals in the genus Allium and Umbelliferae/Apiaceae around the world. The purpose of the Allium and Umbelliferae Improvement Newsletter has been to foster improved understanding and utility of Allium and Umbelliferae by providing a means for exchange of information and germplasm among Allium and Umbelliferae research scientists. These newsletters have been well-received and we are committed to the continuation of this effort.

Subject Matter

A broad spectrum of contributions will be collected in the Allium and Umbelliferae Improvement Newsletter. The following subject areas will be included in the scope of the newsletter: reports on Allium and Umbelliferae taxonomy, germplasm collection and evaluation, breeding and genetics, new technology (including molecular biology, tissue culture, biochemistry, etc.), diseases and disease resistance, seed production and quality, crop production, and crop storage; summaries of field production and storage trial results from all growing areas; germplasm releases, items for exchange, and inquiries; and news including production statistics, contents lists of other Allium and Umbelliferae newsletters, publication and meeting announcements and reports, and membership lists. This is not an all-inclusive list and reports on related subject areas would be welcome. A list of articles in past issues is available at /services/docs.htm?docid=5332

Instructions for Authors

  1. Keep reports brief. They should not exceed 5 pages, 21 x 28cm, including tables and figures. Single space as necessary. Insert tables and figures in the body of the report as they are referred to, or place them immediately after text on the last page if space remains. We will not retype reports submitted. The author(s) assume responsibility for scientific accuracy and grammar. Reports are not refereed. Reports are to be in English, although a brief summary in one other language is optional.
  2. Prepare reports in easily readable typeface. Authors are encouraged to submit them by e-mail using Adobe PDF (preferred), MS Word or WordPerfect only. Typed hard copy reports are also acceptable. For hard copy submissions, we needoriginal copies (not carbon copies or photocopies) withnear letter quality typing since reports will be reproduced directly from the typed copy which authors provide.
  3. Send them to e-mail address: or, or hard copies to: P.W. Simon, Newsletter Coordinator, USDA, ARS, Dept. of Horticulture, 1575 Linden Drive, Madison, WI 53706. For e-mail submissions, make sure that the first words in the subject line are Allium and Umbelliferae Improvement Newsletter.

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