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NLAE Updates
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Dr. Dan Olk has replaced retired research leader (now Emeritus) Dr. Tom Sauer
Dr. Thomas Sauer has retired from NLAE after a lengthy career as a soil scientist. He has been the Research Leader of the Soil, Water and Air Resources Research Unit (SWAR) since 2014. Replacing Dr. Sauer as research leader of SWAR unit is Dr Daniel Olk, who came to NLAE in 2001 as a soil biochemist.  Dr. Olk received B.S. degrees in Geography and German from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an M.A. in Geography from the University of California-Davis, and a Ph.D. in Soil Science also from the University of California-Davis. Prior to joining ARS, Dr. Olk was a post-doctoral research fellow at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines. His research has focused on the biochemical composition of soil organic matter for explaining soil carbon accumulation in Midwestern cropping systems and to support sustainable rice production in the Philippines, Arkansas, and California. His research group also seeks to explain spatial and temporal patterns in the field efficacy of humic products (a biostimulant type) for enhancing crop growth and soil properties around the world.
New arrivals! Soil Scientists Dr. Amitava Chatterjee and Dr. Sabrina Ruis join NLAE
NLAE welcomes Dr. Amitava Chatterjee to the Soil, Water and Air Resources Research Unit (SWAR) from his previous position in the National Sedimentation Lab, Oxford, MS.  Dr. Chatterjee will investigate the soil health under subsurface drainage condition and determine changes in chemistry and water movement though fragipan subsoils in response to cereal rye. Dr. Ruis, prior to joining NLAE, was a research faculty at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and investigates how agroecosystem management impacts soil C and N cycling and soil health. 
Dr. Bryan Emmett travelled to Tsukuba, Japan
Research Microbiologist Dr. Bryan Emmett traveled to Tsukuba Japan in November 2022 to be part of the 4th Biennial Meeting of the Biological Nitrification Inhibition (BNI) Consortium and present research findings on BNI technology in cover crops as a nitrous oxide mitigation technology for annual croplands.
Dr. Thanos Papanicolaou attended the AGU conference in Chicago, Illinois
Our Lab Director, Dr. Papanicolaou, visited Chicago to attend the annual AGU (American Geophysical Union) meeting.  He presented work on earth dynamic models and their role on non-point source estimations.