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Cacao - Good for Agriculture and the Environment Chocolate economics; Cocoa research; Tropical crops; Diseases and pests; Brazil; Global impac; Possible chocolate shortages November, 1999 HTML PDF
Fighting a Fungal Siege on Cacao Farms Diseases and pests; Black pod rot; Frosty pod rot; Witches'-broom; Phytophthora; Moniliophthora roreri; Crinipellis perniciosa; Phtyochemicals and essential micronutrients; Health benefits; Antioxidants; ACRI; CEPLAC; CATIE; CABI-Bioscience; Biocontrol agents; Beneficial fungi; Trichoderma viride; Cladobotryum amazonense November, 1999 HTML PDF
Rescuing Chocolate Biocontrol offers hope for fighting Crinipellis perniciosa

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1999 Broad-band Dial-Up
Attack of the Witches' Broom Especially for Kids HTML
Witches' Broom Photo Biocontrol for Kids HTML
A Century of Tropical Agricultural Research Growing and managing tropical and exotic fruits; Tropical Agriculture Research Station in Puerto Rico; USDA cacao germplasm collection; Chocolate research April, 2001 HTML PDF
Tropical Agriculture Gets Attention Strategies for tropical agriculture; Effect of globalization; Partnerships with Latin America; Cacao research; Henry A. Wallace Conference Series at CATIE (Turrialba, Costa Rica) February, 2002 HTML PDF
Fungal Threats to Cocoa Share an Ancient History Genetic relationship of Witches' broom and frosty pod rot fungi; Taxonomical reclassification October, 2005 HTML

World Cocoa Foundation Research Updates USDA research and collaborations HTML
Related Research Topics
Fungal Protein Slows Broadleaf Weeds Nep1 protein from Fusarium oxysporum is a powerful natural herbicide; Alternative herbicide for organic farming February, 2000 HTML PDF

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