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Patricia Glynn Tillman (Glynn)

Research Entomologist

Glynn Tillman, Research Entomologist





- Entomology; Texas A&M University,
  College Station, TX

- Biology; Georgia Southern University,
  Statesboro, GA

- Biology; Augusta State University, Augusta, GA




My goal is to develop sustainable systems for integrated pest management of stink bugs and other key pests in row crops.  Current research is directed toward: 1) determining the impact of agricultural landscapes on populations of stink bugs and their natural enemies, 2) characterizing dispersal and seasonal phenology of stink bugs and their natural enemies, 3) developing spatial and temporal vegetational diversity within and around crop fields to conserve and enhance natural enemies, 4) assessing the impact of current pest intervention strategies on stink bugs and their natural enemies, 5) developing intervention strategies for controlling stink bugs that are less disruptive to natural enemies, and 6) developing organic management systems for controlling key pest insects in cotton and peanuts.

Southern green stink bug on sorghum head

Brown stink bug in sorghum panicle

Southern stink bug mating pair;
female with Trichopoda ssp. egg

Brown stink bug pheromone trap

Sorghum trap for stink bugs in
cotton-peanut farmscape

Crimson clover + rye cover crop for cotton

Hanging stink bug eggs in corn to determine
rates of parasitization