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The mission of the Southeast Watershed Research Laboratory (SEWRL) is to develop the scientific understanding and associated technologies of watershed systems essential to maintaining/enhancing the environmental and natural resource base upon which a viable, sustainable, and productive agricultural economy depends. The focus of the Laboratory is primarily on the Coastal Plain region of the southeastern U.S., a region with low-gradient drainage systems and extensive near stream riparian areas. Specific objectives are to develop: (a) conceptual understanding of responses in natural resource and environmental systems based on physical, chemical, and biological processes; (b) methodologies to direct optimal use of soil and water resources in the production of quality food and fiber while maintaining short-and-long term productivity requirements, ecosystem stability, and environmental quality; (c) sustainable strategies for the management of weed, disease, and arthropod pests of agronomic and vegetable crops while minimizing the effects of agricultural chemicals on the environment and public health; and (d) development and application of models and information based systems to guide responsible management decisions for action and regulatory agencies at field, farm, and watershed scales.
The Southeast Watershed Research is located in Tifton, GA and is part of the Southeast Area.
The Research Leader is Alisa Coffin.
Phone: (229)386-3664
Fax: 229-386-7215
Tifton, GA 31793