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Sharma, R.K., J. Dhillon, S. Kumar, K. Vitta and K.N. Reddy. 2023. Crop-climate link in the southeastern USA: A case study on oats and sorghum.  Journal of Agriculture and Food Research. 12:100626. 9pgs. PDF

Pinnamaneni, S.R., S.S. Anapalli, and K.N. Reddy. 2023. Effect of irrigation regimes and planting patterns on maize production in humid climates.  Agronomy Journal. 115:1085-1096.  PDF

Adegoye, G.A., O.J. Olorunwa, F.A. Alsajri, C.H. Walne, C. Wijewandana, S.R. Kethireddy, K.N. Reddy and K.R. Reddy. 2023. Waterlogging effects on soybean physiology and hyperspectral reflectance during the reproductive stage. Agriculture. 13, 844. 19pgs.   PDF

Anapalli, S.S., S.R. Pinnamaneni, K.N. Reddy, P. Wagle, and A.J. Ashworth. 2023. Eddy covariance assessment of alternate wetting and drying floodwater management on rice methane emissions. Heliyon. 9(4), e14696. 11pgs.   PDF

Kumar, C., P. Mubvumba, Y. Huang, J. Dhillon, and K.N. Reddy. 2023. Multi-stage corn yield prediction using high-resolution UAV multispectral data and machine learning models. Agronomy. 13(5), 1277. 23pgs.  PDF

Anapalli, S.S., S.R. Pinnamaneni, D.R. Chastain, K.N. Reddy, and C.D. Simmons, III. 2023. Eddy covariance quantification of carbon and water dynamics in twin-row vs. single-row planted corn. Agricultural Water Management. 281, 108235. 10 pgs. PDF

Poudel, S., R.R. Vennam, A. Shresta, K.R. Reddy, N.K. Wijewardane, K.N. Reddy, and R. Bheemanahalli. 2023. Resilience of soybean cultivars to drought stress during flowering and early-seed setting stages. Scientific Reports. 13:1277. 13pgs.  PDF

Kharel, T.P., A.B. Bhandari, P. Mubvumba, H.L. Tyler, R.S. Fletcher and K.N. Reddy. 2023. Mixed-species cover crop biomass estimation using planet imagery. Sensors. 23,1541. 16pgs.  PDF

Pinnamaneni, S.R., P. Mubvumba, S.S. Anapalli and K.N. Reddy. 2022.Cereal rye (Secale cereale L. )cover crop improves soil physico-chemical properties with no influence on soybean (Glycine max L.) root growth parameters. Frontiers in Soil Science. 2:970380. 14 pgs. PDF

Anapalli, S.S., S.R. Pinnamaneni, K.N. Reddy and G. Singh. 2022. Eddy covariance quantification of corn water use and yield responses to irrigations on farm-scale fields.  Agronomy Journal. 114: 2445-2457.  PDF

Quintana-Ashwell, N., S.S. Anapalli, S.R. Pinnamaneni, G. Kaur, K.N. Reddy and D.K. Fisher. 2022. Profitability of twin-row planting and skip-row irrigation in a humid climate.  Agronomy Journal. 114: 1209-1219.  PDF

Sharma, R.K., S. Kumar, K. Vatta, J. Dhillon, and K.N. Reddy. 2022. Impact of recent climate change on cotton and soybean yields in the southeastern United States.  Journal of Agriculture and Food Research. 9:100348. 9pgs.  PDF

Pinnamaneni, S.R., S.S. Anapalli, W.T. Molin, and K.N. Reddy. 2022. Effect of rye cover crop on weed control, soybean (Glycine max L.) yield and profitability.  Frontiers in Agronomy. 4:907507. 12pgs.  PDF

Huang, Y., X. Zhao, Z. Pan, K.N. Reddy, and J. Zhang. 2022. Hyperspectral plant sensing for differentiating glyphosate-resistant and glyphosate-susceptible johnsongrass through machine learning algorithms.  Pest Management Science. 78:2370-2377. PDF

Dhakal, M., Y. Huang, M.A. Locke, K.N. Reddy, M.T. Moore, L.J. Krutz, D. Gholson, R. Bajgain. 2022. Assessment of cotton and sorghum stand establishment using UAV-based multispectral and DSLR-based RBG imagery. Agrosystems, Geosciences & Environment. 5:e20247. 18pgs.  PDF

Pinnamaneni, S.R., S.S. Anapalli, and K.N. Reddy. 2022.Photosynthetic response of soybean and cotton to different irrigation regimes and planting geometries. Frontiers in Plant Science. 13:894706. 12pgs. PDF

Anapalli, S.S., S.R. Pinnamaneni, K.N. Reddy, R. Sui, and G. Singh. 2022. Investigating soybean (Glycine max L.) responses to irrigation on a large-scale farm in the humid climate of the Mississippi Delta region. Agricultural Water Management.. 262:107432. 9pgs. PDF

Zhao, X., J. Zhang, Y. Huang, Y. Tian, and L. Yuan. 2022.Detection and discrimination of disease and insect stress of tea plants using hyperspectral imaging combined with wavelet analysis. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 193: 106717, 11pgs.  PDF

Zhang, T., Y. Huang, K.N. Reddy, P. Yang, X. Zhao, and J. Zhang. 2021. Using machine learning and hyperspectral images to assess damages to corn plant caused by glyphosate and to evaluate recoverability. Agronomy. 11-583 17pgs.  PDF

Pinnamaneni, S.R., S.S. Anapalli, R. Sui., N. Bellaloui, and K.N. Reddy. 2021. Effects of irrigation and planting geometry on cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) fiber quality and seed composition. Journal of Cotton Research. 4(2): 11pgs. PDF

Pinnamaneni, S.R., S.S. Anapalli, D.K. Fisher, and K.N. Reddy. 2021. Water use efficiencies of different maturity group soybean cultivars in the humid Mississippi Delta. Water. 13-1496 14pgs. PDF

Pinnamaneni, S.R., S.S. Anapalli , N. Bellaloui, and K.N. Reddy. 2021. Effects of irrigation and planting geometry on soybean (Glycine max L.) seed nutrition in humid climates.  International Journal of Agronomy. 2021-6625959 9pgs. PDF

Anapalli, S.S., D.K. Fisher, S.R. Pinnamaneni, and K.N. Reddy. 2021. Vulnerabilities of irrigated and rainfed corn to climate change in a humid climate. Climatic Change. 164(5): 18pgs. PDF

Anapalli, S.S., J.L. Krutz, S.R. Pinnamaneni, K.N. Reddy, and D.K. Fisher. 2021. Eddy covariance quantification of soybean (Glycine max L.) crop coefficients in a farmer’s field in a humid climate. Irrigation Science. 19pgs. PDF

Pinnamaneni, S.R., S.S. Anapalli, D.K. Fisher, and K.N. Reddy. 2020. Irrigation and planting geometry effects on cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) yield and water use. Journal of Cotton Science. 24(3):87-96. PDF

Pinnamaneni, S.R., S.S. Anapalli, , K.N. Reddy, D.K. Fisher, and N.E. Quintanta-Ashwell. 2020. Assessing irrigation water use efficiency and economy of twin-row soybean in the Mississippi Delta. Agronomy Journal. 112:4219-4231. PDF

Anapalli, S.S., D.K. Fisher, S. R. Pinnamaneni, and K.N. Reddy . 2020. Quantifying evapotranspiration and crop coefficients for cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) using an eddy covariance approach. Agricultural Water Management. 233:106091 (12pg). PDF

Kepler, R.M., D.J. Epp Schmidt, S.A. Yarwood, M.A. Cavigelli, K.N. Reddy, S.O. Duke, C.A. Bradley, M.M. Williams Jr., J.S. Buyer, and J.E. Maul. 2020. Soil microbial communities in diverse agroecosystems exposed to the herbicide glyphosate. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 86(5):e1744-19 (16pgs). PDF

Zhang, J., Y. Huang, K.N. Reddy, and B. Wang. 2019. Assessing crop damage from dicamba on non-dicamba-tolerant soybean by hyperspectral imaging through machine learning. Pest Management Science. 75:3260-3272. PDF

Anapalli, S.S., D.K. Fisher, K.N. Reddy, N. Rajan, S.R. Pinnamaneni. 2019. Modeling evapotranspiration for irrigatiion water management in a humid climate. Agricultural Water Management.  225:105731  11pgs. PDF

Anapalli, S.S., D.K. Fisher, K.N. Reddy, J.L. Krutz, S.R. Pinnamaneni, and R. Sui. 2019. Quantifying water and CO2 fluxes and water use efficiencies across irrigated C3 and C4 crops in a humid climate. Science of the Total Environment.  663:338-350. PDF

Reddy, K.N. and W.T. Molin. 2019. Sustainable weed control in cotton. In: Korres, N. E., N.R. Burgos, and S.O. Duke, (eds.), Weed Control Sustainability, Hazards and Risks in Cropping Systems Worldwide. CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, Boca Raton, FL.. pgs 306-324.

Korres, N.E.., K.N. Reddy, C. Rouse, and A.C. King. 2019. Sustainable weed control in soybean. In: Korres, N. E., N.R. Burgos, and S.O. Duke, (eds.), Weed Control Sustainability, Hazards and Risks in Cropping Systems Worldwide. CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, Boca Raton, FL. pgs 288-305.

Jha, P. and K.N. Reddy. 2018. The role of herbicide-resistant crops in integrated weed management. In: Zimdahl, R.L. (ed.) Integrated Weed Management for Sustainable Agriculture, Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing, Cambridge, UK., e-Chapter, pp. 1-10 PDF

Reddy, K.N. and R. James. 2018. Introduction to the Symposium on Precision Agriculture and Weed Science.  Weed Technology. 32:1. doi: 10.1017/wet.2018.2 PDF

Duke, S.O., A.M. Rimando, K.N. Reddy, J.V. Cizdziel, N. Bellaloui, D.R. Shaw, M.M. Willliams II, and J.E. Maul. 2018.  Lack of transgene and glyphosate effects on yield, and mineral and amino acid content of glyphosate-resistant soybean. Pest Management Science. 74:1166-1173. PDF

Reddy, K.N., J.V. Cizdziel, M.M. Williams II, J.E. Maul, A.M. Rimando, and S.O. Duke. 2018.  Glyphosate resistance technology has minimal or no effect on maize mineral content and yield.  Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 66(39):10139-10146. PDF

Anapalli, S.S., D.K. Fisher, K.N. Reddy P. Wagle, P.H. Gowda and R. Sui. 2018.  Quantifying soybean evapotranspiration using an eddy covariance approach.  Agricultural Water Management. 209:228-239. PDF

Anapalli, S.S.,  K.N. Reddy, and S. Jagadamma. 2018.Conservation tillage impacts and adaptations in irrigated corn production in a humid climate.  Agronomy Journal. 110(6):2673-2686. PDF

Fletcher, R.S. and K.N. Reddy. 2018. Geographic information system for pigweed distribution in the US Southeast. Weed Technology. 32(1):20-26. PDF

Duke, S.O. and K.N. Reddy. 2018. Is mineral nutrition of glyphosate-resistant crops altered by glyphosate treatment? Outlooks on Pest Management. 29(5):206-208. PDF 

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Anapalli, S.S., T.R. Green, K.N. Reddy, P.H. Gowda, R. Sui, D.K. Fisher, J. Moorhead, and G. Marek. 2018. Application of an energy balance method for estimating evapotranspiration in cropping systems. Agricultural Water Management. 204:107-117. PDF

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Bruns, H.A. , K.N. Reddy and W.T. Pettigrew. 2018. Effects of rotation of cotton (Gosspium hirsutum L.) and soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) crops on soil fertility in Elizabeth, Mississippi, USA. Archives of Agriculture and Environmental Science. 3(1):86-88. PDF

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Huang, Y. C.M. Ouellet-Plamondon, S.J. Thomson, and K.N. Reddy. 2017. Characterizing downwind deposition of the off-target drift from aerially applied glyphosate using RbCl as tracer. International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 10(3):31-36. PDF  

Wagle, P., P.H. Gowda, S.S. Anapalli, K.N Reddy and B.K. Northup. 2017. Growing season variability in carbon dioxide exchange of irrigated and rainfed soybean in the southern United States. Science of the Total Environment. 593-594:263-273. PDF

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Mengistu, Y., X. Yin, N. Bellaloui, A. McClure, D. Tyler and K.N. Reddy. 2016. Potassium and phosphorus have no effect on severity of charcoal rot of soybean. Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology. DOI:10.1080/07060661.2016.1168869. 9 pgs. PDF

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