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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Daniel G Wren

Research Hydraulic Engineer

Daniel Wren

Ph.D.    University of Mississippi, Civil Engineering, 1997-2000
M.S.      Mississippi State University, Biological Engineering, 1994-1996
B.S.      Mississippi State University, Biological Engineering, 1990-1994

Specific research objectives include:

  1. Determine the effects of particle sizes on the sediment transport capacity in streams. Recirculating laboratory flumes and appropriate instrumentation are used to measure the effect of silts on sand transport and the details of sand/gravel interaction.
  2. Use sediments stored in reservoirs as a tool for studying watershed erosion and improve reservoir sedimentation assessment technology. Sediment core samples are used to assess the physical, chemical, and radiological characteristics of stored sediments.
  3. Develop cost-effective strategies for protecting earthen embankments from surface wave action.  A wave tank and scale model studies are used to determine optimal characteristics of wave absorbers, which are then tested and optimized in the field.
  4. Quantify the effect of marsh grass on wave characteristics using expanded wave tank facility.

Sky Lake
Dr. Daniel Wren (left), Dr. Gregg Davidson (center), Professor of Geology and Geological Engineering at the University of Mississippi, and graduate student Bill Walker (right) collect a sediment core at Sky Lake near Belzoni, Mississippi.

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