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Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation 1.06 - Documentation
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RUSLE1.06c Documentation The USDA-Agriculture Handbook (AH) 703 documents RUSLE1 in detail through version 1.04. AH703 provides information on many of the equations used in RUSLE1.06c, core values for data inputs, and instructions on building data files and using the computer program. Copies of AH703 are available from the US Government Printing Office and the National Technical Information Service.  Single copies can be obtained by contacting Ron Bingner, ARS, National Sedimentation Laboratory, Oxford, MS. The USDA AH703 is also available electronically in Acobat? PDF form from the link below. Included in the electronic AH703 is an updated Fig. 6-2 and an errata sheet. Also available are electronic copies of USDA AH 537 and AH 282, and their associated supplements and errata sheet, describing the USLE and earlier erosion prediction technology efforts. USDA-Agriculture Handbook (AH) 703 (17MB)USDA-Agriculture Handbook (AH) 537 (9MB) USDA-Agriculture Handbook (AH) 282 (6.3MB)

The RUSLE1.06c computer program includes an extensive set of "Help Screens" that provide documentation on how to use the program and information on specific variables used in RUSLE.

A manual entitled Use of the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE1) on Mined Lands, Construction Sites, and Reclaimed Lands is available from the USDI-Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation, and Regulation that provides information concerning application of RUSLE to mining, construction, and reclamation sites. For additional information, contact Joe R. Galetovic, Office of Surface Mining, While this manual is for RUSLE1.06b, it generally applies to RUSLE1.06c. However, RUSLE1.06c computed values will differ from those in the manual because of recent changes that resulted in RUSLE1.06c. An important reference manual for applying the USLE to disturbed forestlands is: Dissmeyer, G.E. and G.R. Foster. 1980.  A guide for predicting sheet and rill erosion on forest land. Technical Publication SA-TP-11. USDA-Forest Service-State and Private Forestry-Southeastern Area. 40 pp. (Technical report). This manual can be of major assistance in applying RUSLE1.06c to disturbed forestlands.