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Selected National Technology Transfer
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Contact and Nature of Technology Transferred

1989 - 1995

Participated in seven Grass Hedge Work Group meetings with ARS, NRCS, University, World Bank, NSF, and farmers

1992 - 1993

Consulted with World Resources Institute, Washington, D.C. concerning alternative farming systems for Delta States region

1992 - 1996

Grass hedge consultation, Greg Northcut, International Erosion Control Association; Bill Collins, consultant, NC; Robert Strader, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, LA; Mark Blosser, Water Resources Engineer, Olympia, WA; F.J.P.M. Kwaad, Amsterdam, Netherlands; David Shaw, Starkville, MS; Steven Abt, Ft. Collins, CO; Susan Delly, USA-COE, Champaign, IL; Dean Eisenhower, NE; Frank Gwin, MS.


Sediment-trapping effectiveness and hydraulics of stiff-grass barriers, Society for Range Management, Colorado Springs, CO (130 people in session)


Cooperative effort with other agencies to prepare a stream corridor restoration handbook for use by 10 federal agencies, landowners, and numerous nongovernmental organizations with interests in stream restoration


participated in interagency team to develop improved guidance for design and analysis of earthen dam spillways

20 April 1987

USDI USGS Water Quality Team regarding techniques for sampling water quality in unstable stream channels

7 May 90

Headquarters, USDA-NRCS regarding DEC research and findings

November 1990

USDA-ASCS Director of Conservation and Environmental Protection regarding constructed wetland design criteria

4 June 1991

Water and Erosion Prediction Project group USDA-NRCS and ARS

8 July 1993

Environmental Defense Fund, Washington, D. C. regarding effects of riparian wetlands on flooding.

24 June 1994

Basin Scale Programs, USDA-SCS, regarding environmental effects of channel structures and stream restoration research needs

29 November- 2 December 1994

Provided consultation to NRCS National HQ staff, regarding results of stream restoration research.

Jan 1996

NOAA Air Resources Laboratory in Boulder, CO was given the database collected on the Goodwin Creek Watershed along with documentation

Jan 1996

US National Weather Service Silver Spring, MD was given the database collected on the Goodwin Creek Watershed along with documentation