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Mississippi Delta MSEA Volume 4, Issue 1, Page 4, First Semester 1998
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Volume 4, Issue 1, Page 4, Fisrt Semester 1998

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MSEA Reporter Archive

Scientist meeting set for Nov. 5

The next general meeting of MDMSEA project scientists will take place Nov. 5 at 9 a.m. at the Farmers Supply Coop in Greenwood. The initial 5-year MDMSEA work plans will be ending next year for both ARS and USGS scientists. The purpose of the November meeting is to discuss project focus in the next 5-year period based on what has been learned to date. We hope to clarify what research needs to be continued, what has been effectively concluded, what new research is needed, and which scientists wish to participate in MDMSEA?s next phase. MDMSEA scientists have already identified several areas of research that should move to the forefront during the next phase.

At the end of the initial 5-year project, a nicely printed summary report is envisioned. The time line discussed calls for this to be published in March 2000. In preparation for this, all scientists are asked this year to prepare one or two graphs or tables summarizing an interesting aspect of their work and an accompanying paragraph of interpretation. These will be combined with reports that will be submitted in December to create a draft report in March 1999. This will give us an idea of the final report we will be working toward in 2000. Participants are also asked to bring to the meeting on Nov 5 a list all manuscripts that they expect to have published by March 2000.

Seth Dabney
ARS Co-Chair, Tech. Steering Committee
P. O. Box 1157
Oxford, MS 38655
Fax: 601-232-2915

In Memoriam

Although the MDMSEA project has continued to gather vital information on the three watersheds and lakes, friends and scientists have been saddened by the loss of two members of the farming operations who have been so cooperative and gracious to them as they traipsed over their fields and turnrows.

In December of 1997 we were saddened by the loss of the senior member of the Stowers farming operation on Thighman Lake Watershed, Mr. John Stowers, Sr. Though retired, he along with his brother and sons were and are active members of the community and area. We extend our sympathy to them and his wife on their loss.

Early in the year of 1998, workers in the MDMSEA project were again saddened by the news that Mr. Cecil Belk had become critically ill and was giving over his farming operation to Mr. Frank Williams and his grandson Destin. Mr. Cecil loved his land in the Beasley Lake Watershed and as long as he was able he could be seen driving around in his pickup. As his illness progressed, his wife Brenda was seen driving him around the fields and lake. Mr. Belk leaves behind his wife and four daughters. An active member of the community and in the Sunflower county area, he will be greatly missed.

Frank Gwin, Jr.
Project Coordinator MDMSEA
Fax: 601-453-1278



The Management Systems Evaluation Area (MSEA) represents one of the most comprehensive evaluations of best management practices for agricultural non-point source impacts related to farming. Delta Council has historically been in the forefront of initiatives to develop and encourage management, land preparation, and cultural practices, which would have the effect of reducing erosion and the incidence of agricultural non-point source runoff. We view the work being implemented by the MSEA interagency task force to be extremely important to the future of erosion control and water quality for the Delta. We encourage cooperating landowners to assist the agency personnel involved in this project and urge the task force to utilize practical input provided by these cooperators in order to determine the most viable options for reducing non-point source runoff in a manner which is consistent with the sound production economics.

Adopted by: Delta Council Soil and Water Resources Committee September 10, 1997

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