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Mississippi Delta MSEA Volume 3, Issue 2, Page 3, First Semester 1997
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Volume 3, Issue 2, Page 3, Second Semester 1997

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MSEA Reporter Archive

Listserver Established

The MDMSEA project has established a listserve to facilitate communications among participants and interested parties. To subscribe, send an e-mail message with nothing on the subject line to:

The body of the message should contain only the following:

subscribe msea

You will receive notice that majordomo has received a request to subscribe you to the msea list and that if you really want to subscribe you should send another message with the a security code that will be given to you. Send the second message to and you will be subscribed. You should get a reply saying that you have successfully subscribed to the list.

Once subscribed you can post messages to the list by sending them to:

Please send a message to the list saying that you are on-line so we will all know when you get connected.



The Management Systems Evaluation Area (MSEA) represents one of the most comprehensive evaluations of best management practices for agricultural non-point source impacts related to farming. Delta Council has historically been in the forefront of initiatives to develop and encourage management, land preparation, and cultural practices which would have the effect of reducing erosion and the incidence of agricultural non-point source runoff. We view the work being implemented by the MSEA interagency task force to be extremely important to the future of erosion control and water quality for the Delta. We encourage cooperating landowners to assist the agency personnel involved in this project and urge the task force to utilize practical input provided by these cooperators in order to determine the most viable options for reducing non-point source runoff in a manner which is consistent with the sound production economics.

Adopted by: Delta Council Soil and Water Resources Committee
September 10, 1997

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MSEA Reporter Archive