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The Poultry Research Unit addresses research problems with a multi???disciplinary team approach. This team includes scientists with training in veterinary medicine, poultry physiology, poultry management, poultry nutrition, molecular biology, immunology, agricultural engineering. The poultry management specialist uses operations research methods to determine the optimal brooding and rearing practices necessary to grow chickens most cost efficiently. The nutritionist develops diets which maximize chicken growth while minimizing costs. The poultry physiologist investigates the impact of management, environmental and nutritional factors on the internal manifestations (homeostasis) of the chicken.  The veterinarian investigates the effects of management, nutritional, and environmental factors on chicken health. The molecular biologist investigates the development of vaccines to more effectively protect poultry from pathogens. The immunologist investigates the response of the chicken to not only pathogens but also to vaccines designed to protect the chicken from pathogens. The agricultural engineer designs systems/implements which positively impact the environment of the chicken. Technicians within the research unit are primarily trained in the biological sciences; however, expertise in data management, statistics, electronics, air handling, and refrigeration is also present.

Career Opportunities

The links below are to current ARS job openings listed at the official job site of the US Federal Government, USAJOBS.

ARS openings in Mississippi State, MS
ARS openings in Mississippi
ARS openings nationwide

* Note: the links above are to "Only Jobs Open to ALL U.S. Citizens" so if you are a current orĀ  former federal employee, be sure to select "ALL Jobs" to refine your search at the USAJOBS site.

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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