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Mixed Linear Model Approaches for Quantitative Gen

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Wu, J., Zhu, J., Jenkins, J. N.  Mixed linear model approaches for quantitave genetic models. pp. 171-180.  In Handbook of Formulas and Sortware for Plant Geneticists and Breeders, M. S. Kang (ed.).  The Haworth Press, Binghamtion, NY.  2003.


Computer software for estimating variance and covariance components, correlations, and predicting genetic effects.

Software Description

We describe a suite of genetic software that employs mixed linear model approaches.  The various components relate to three categories, viz, genetic models for diallel crosses, seed traits, and developmental traits.  It can also be used to analyze regional agronomic trials.

This software has several features:

  1. Handles complicated genetic models for agronomic traits, seed traits, and developmental traits
  2. Analyzes unbalanced data
  3. Utilizes jackknifing techniques to test the significance of each genetic parameter
  4. Provides some important references containing results
  5. Fast computation

System Requirements


  • PC 486 or above;
  • 16MB RAM or more;
  • 10MB or more available hard disk space

Operating System: 

  • Microsoft Windows 95/98,
  • Microsoft Windows NT 3.5 or above.


All related files are compressed into 

To download and install the software:

  • Complete the DOWNLOAD FORM below...
  • Then select   .
  • Click on
  • At the prompt: "Do you want to open or save this file?" select "Save".
  • Create an easy to locate Folder (i.e. "Mixed Linear Models" under the "My Documents" Folder and saving to that folder.
  • When un-zipping the file be sure to Extract the files to the correct folder (the one just created).
  • Open the README.TXT for instructions on using the programs.


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