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AgroEcoSystem Performance Assessment Tool
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A computer program for researchers to evaluate management practices in
long-term agroecosystem experiments.

USDA, Agricultural Research Service
Mandan, ND
Lincoln, NE

The AgroEcosystem Performance Assessment Tool is a computer program used to evaluate the agronomic and environmental performance of management practices in long-term agroecosystem experiments.  The program employs a simple scoring method to quantify the performance of management practices using indicators grouped within agroecosystem functions.  Management practices are evaluated on a relative basis using the method, thereby internalizing comparisons.  Because of its specialized application to long-term experiments, the program is designed primarily for use by agricultural researchers.


We encourage all comments for improving the program.  Please send your comments to:

Dr. Mark Liebig, Soil Scientist

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To request a copy of the AgroEcosystem Assessment Tool CD, click here on this email link, type 'Request for CD' in the Subject line, and include your name, city, address, state, and zip code in the comments section and select Submit.