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Kendall DeJonge

Research Agricultural Engineer
/ARSUserFiles/46774/Kendall in field2.jpg Dr. Kendall DeJonge
Agricultural Engineer


Water Management Research Unit
2150 Centre Avenue, Bldg D, Suite 320
Fort Collins, CO 80526

PHONE: (970) 492-7417
FAX: (970) 492-7408


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Research Interests:

I take great pride in that I grew up on an irrigated farm in south-central Nebraska, developing practical agricultural skills raising corn and cattle. I have always had an avid interest in water and irrigation, and the broad experiences in my career have developed perspective of water resources on multiple scales. Ultimately my goal is to develop practical technology that will help farmers make management decisions resulting in efficient and sustainable water use. I also enjoy working with undergraduate and graduate students, and helping to advance early careers for those interested in researching water resources and agriculture. 


Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering (Irrigation and Drainage) 2011 Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
M.S. Agricultural Engineering (Water Resources) 2006 Iowa State University, Ames, IA
B.S. Agricultural Engineering (Power and Machinery) 2003 Iowa State University, Ames, IA

CV: Kendall C. DeJonge


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Currently Supervised Personnel

We are always looking to hire bright students with interest in engineering, agriculture, and water resources. Please contact us if you have an interest in working on our team and research program!

-Katie Ascough (2018-present), Engineering Aide, M.S. student at CSU in Evironmental Engineering

-Kit Bellefeuille (2021-present), Engineering Aide, B.A. student at University of Minnesota-Morris in Environmental Science

Formerly Supervised Personnel

I am proud to have supervised several bright undergraduate and graduate students (most from Colorado State University) and other professionals who have moved on to promising careers in engineering, agriculture, and other important ventures.

-Brenna Mefford (2011-2014), Water Resources Engineer, Colorado Water Conservation Board

-Caitlin Condon (2013), Ph.D. candidate at Oregon State University in Radiation Health Physics

-Keith Wakefield (2012-2014), Flood Recovery EIT for Colorado DOT

-Kayla Moden (2014), Geotechnical Engineer at Golder Associates

-Cory Arnold (2014-2015), Air Weapons Officer, United States Air Force

-Bailey Kraich (2014-2015), Project Engineer for Entact, LLC

-KaMele Sanchez (2016), Horticulturalist at Chicago Botanic Garden

-Ben Choat (2015-2016), PhD student at CSU in Environmental Engineering

-Liam Cummins (2011-2017), Assistant Division EIT, CO Division of Water Resources

-Michelle Ondrejka (2017), Civil Egineering EIT, RockSol Consulting

-Tyler Gilkerson (2017-2018), Hydrogeologist, National Parks Service

-Gerald Buchleiter (2015-2018), Retired (former Farm Manager)

-Jace Heryford (2019), CSU undergraduate in Soil and Crop Sciences

-Ross Steward (2016-2019), Farm Manager, USDA-ARS Water Management & Systems

-Horacio Garza (2015-2020), Retired, Shop Manager at CSU

-Bobby Baxter (2019), Inspection & Licensing Program Specialist, USDA-APHIS

-Garrett Banks (2015-2021), Entrepreneur