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McMaster, Gregory S
Research Agronomist
(970) 492-7404
Water Management Systems Research
2150 Center Avenue, NRRC Building D
Fort Collins CO 80526

We promote resilient and sustainable water-limited agricultural production systems through irrigation and crop production field research using remote sensing, irrigation scheduling, and crop growth monitoring to manage these systems for economic benefits and environmental services. Equally, we develop simulation models and tools from field to watershed scales that extend field research and serve as decision support tools for farmers, agricultural industry, cooperative extension, and action agencies.

Research Scientists

Comas, Louise - Plant Physiologist

DeJonge, Kendall - Agricultural Engineer

Gleason, Sean - Plant Physiologist

Green, Timothy - Agricultural Engineer and Acting Research Leader

McMaster, Gregory- Greg - Agronomist

Trout, Thomas - Agricultural Engineer & Cooperator (Retired)

Zhang, Huihui - Agricultural Engineer

Support Staff

Banks, Garrett

Buchleiter, Gerald

Cooper, Mitchell

Cummins, Liam

Edmunds, Debora- Debbie

Erskine, Robert- Rob

Nora, Flynn

Garza, Horacio- Junior

Kipka, Holm

Lighthart, Nathan

Travers, Veronica

Wiggans, Dustin


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