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Virtual Tour
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Samples are collected from animals from all over the U.S.

Shorthorn cows in Nebraska


Navajo women with a churro sheep.

Upon arrival, sample viability is evaluated using computer assisted sperm analysis (CASA)

Example of filled, sealed and labeled straws ready to be cryopreserved

/ARSUserFiles/30123030/animal/scott_freezer_peggy_greb 300.jpg

Information about sample provenance and semen storage location is entered into the Animal-GRIN database


Shorthorn cows in Nebraska.

Navajo Churro sheep in Arizona

Evaluating sample viability in the laboratory.

Semen samples are cooled to 5C and cryoprotectants are added.  Samples are then packaged with an automated straw filler and labeler.

Filled, sealed, and labeled semen straws.

Straws are cooled to -140C using a programmed cooling apparatus, and then they are plunged into LN2

Once samples have received proper cooling treatments, they are placed in cryovats for long term storage

/ARSUserFiles/30123030/animal/carrie_vault_peggy_greb 300.jpg