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The primary vehicle for conserving animal genetic resources at the NAGP is cryopreservation, a fixed state of animation, of germplasm and tissues.  However, the NAGP's application of cryobiology, the study of the effects of low temperatures on live cells or tissues, is anything but static.  The results of our ever-evolving research improve the manner in which samples are collected, stored, and utilized following freezing and thawing.  In addition, we explore and develop assays and technologies that enable us to evaluate the quality of a sample before and/or after freezing.  This view of the entire cryopreservation process, from sample collection to utilization, is applied to all types of germplasm (semen, eggs, embryos, DNA, tissues, organisms) and consequently results in methods that can be utilized by professionals across the different agricultural industries, by private producers, and in research settings.

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