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R Michael Lehman (Michael)

Research Microbiologist

Michael Lehman

North Central Agricultural Research Laboratory
2923 Medary Ave
Brookings, SD  57006


Dr. Mike Lehman is a soil microbiologist with the ARS North Central Agricultural Research Laboratory in Brookings, South Dakota. Mike researches the interactions between soil microorganisms and agricultural management practices. The majority of the research is conducted on no-till cropping systems. His research evaluates the potential for cover cropping, crop rotation, and residue retention to influence soil microorganisms, their processes, and ultimately the services they provide in these systems. Two projects involve grassland systems and evaluate how grassland management (grazing, conversion to row cropping) influence microbially-mediated soil processes and the long-term soil health in these systems. Multiple analytical tools are used to assess microbial communities and their activities including biochemical, microscopic, molecular, and trace gas analytical techniques. Collaborative research projects have involved the role of ground beetle gut bacteria in mediating beetle fitness, and the potential for these gut bacteria to be vectors for antibiotic resistance genes.  

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