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Cory J Landry
Sugarcane Research
Biological Science Technician (Plants)

Phone: (985) 853-3170 ext. 170
Fax: (985) 868-8369

HOUMA, LA 703605578

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Publications (Clicking on the reprint icon Reprint Icon will take you to the publication reprint.)
Registration of ‘Ho 07-613’ Sugarcane - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Notice of release of sugarcane variety HoCP 14-885 ()
Todd, J.R., Dufrene Jr, E.O., Hale, A.L., Pan, Y.-B., White, W.H., Grisham, M.P., Gravois, K.A., Jackson, W.R., Dalley, C.D., Waguespack, H.L., Kimbeng, C., Naquin, M.J., Spaunhorst, D.J., Duet Jr, M.J., Landry, C.J., Verdun, D.L. 2021. Notice of release of sugarcane variety HoCP 14-885. Sugar Bulletin. 99(8):19-20.
Registration of ‘Ho 11-573’ sugarcane - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Registration of ‘HoCP 11-537’ sugarcane Reprint Icon - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Todd, J.R., Hale, A.L., Pan, Y.-B., Milligan, S.B., Dufrene Jr, E.O., Duet Jr, M.J., Verdun, D.L., Landry, C.J., Grisham, M.P., Comstock, J.C., Collins, K., Gravois, K., Bischoff, K.P., Pontif, M.J., Jackson, W.R., Waguespack, H.L., Scott, A.W., Hernandez, E., Klostermann, M., Nuessly, G., White, W.H., Richard, R.T. 2019. Registration of ‘HoCP 11-537’ sugarcane. Journal of Plant Registrations. 13:187-192.
Ho 07-613 – A potential new sugarcane variety for Louisiana - (Abstract Only)
White, W.H., Dufrene Jr, E.O., Verdun, D.L., Duet Jr, M.J., Hale, A.L., Landry, C.J., Grisham, M.P., Warnke, K.Z., Pan, Y.-B. 2014. Ho 07-613 – A potential new sugarcane variety for Louisiana [abstract]. Journal of the American Society of Sugar Cane Technologists. 34:61.