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Forage-animal Production Research
Aiken, Glen
Research Animal Scientist
USDA-ARS-MwW-FAPRU; 1100 South Limestone
N-220 Ag Sci North, University of Kentucky Campus

The Forage-Animal Production Research Unit in Lexington, Kentucky is located within the transition zone of the Eastern and Midwestern United States. As this transition zone is a major contributor to forage-animal production in the United States, the unit was established with the mission to improve productivity, profitability, competitiveness and sustainability of forage-based enterprises within the zone. This mission is accomplished through the use of multidisciplinary teams which work to identify, evaluate, and manipulate genetic and physiological factors for the enhancement of food animal and equine health and performance and to improve forage plant persistence, quality, and production.

  Midwest Area
    Lexington, Kentucky
      Forage-animal Production Research
Adkins, Kelli
(859) 257-1647

Program Support Assistant (Office Automation)
Aiken, Glen
(859) 257-1647

Research Animal Scientist
Barnes, Adam
(859) 257-1647

Biological Science Technician
Bass, William Troy
(859) 257-1647

Biological Science Technician (Plants)
Coe, Brenda
(859) 257-1647

Biological Science Technician(Biochemistry)
Dinkins, Randy
(859) 257-1647

Research Plant Molecular Geneticist
Flythe, Michael
(859) 257-1647

Research Microbiologist
Gellin, Gloria
(859) 257-1647

Biological Science Technician Microbiology
Hamilton, Tracy
(859) 257-1647

Agricultural Science Research Technician
Kagan, Isabelle
(859) 257-2459

Plant Physiologist
Seman, Dwight
(859) 537-8594

Animal Scientist
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