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Office of The Area Director
James, Rosalind
Area Director
(309) 681-6602
Peoria, IL 61604

Midwest Area research enables the development of environmentally and economically sustainable production systems that provide high quality, nutritious and safe food, and other agricultural products that can be converted to “green” fuel and industrial products that reduce our reliance on imported petroleum. The Midwest Area includes locations in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The Area Director provides executive leadership of the Area's scientific program and management of personnel and infrastructure required by the multidiscipline research programs. The Area Director participates with the ARS Administrator and Deputy Administrators in determining, prioritizing and developing the research programs; staffing, implementing, coordinating and evaluating accomplishments of the multidiscipline programs; leadership and operational accountability within the Area for all programs and related activities, workforce safety, and environmental protection. Leadership responsibility includes operational planning, direction, and evaluation of research to implement programs in the Research Management Units. The Area Director participates in development of a complex national strategic plan for agricultural research in the Agency, assures the plan is executed with coordination, cooperation, and integration of research associated with land-grant organizations, other Federal agencies, public entities, and private and international sector institutions.

  Midwest Area
    Office of The Area Director
Buxton, Sherri
(309) 681-6602

Management Analyst
Davis, Babette
(309) 370-7930

Technology Transfer Assistant
Doll, Kenneth Ken
(309) 273-4298

Scientific Technology Transfer Coordinator
Henry, Chad
(309) 410-4386

Program Analyst
James, Rosalind
(309) 681-6602

Area Director
Johnson, Jay
(219) 207-1661

Associate Area Director
Jones, Brittney
(309) 273-3901

Program Analyst
Nunnally, Melinda
(309) 554-3539

Equal Employment Specialist
Vallet, Jeff
(309) 210-2273

Associate Director
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