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Immunity and Disease Prevention Research
Stephensen, Charles
Research Leader
(530) 754-9266
430 West Health Sciences Drive
University of California

The mission of the Immunity and Disease Prevention Research Unit is to determine how diet and individual dietary factors affect immune function to maintain health. Research focuses on how diet can optimize protective innate and adaptive immune responses and minimize potentially damaging inflammation that may be triggered by unhealthy dietary patterns or other environmental factors. The roles of dietary patterns, specific nutrients (including omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin D) and diet-derived phytochemicals (including resveratrol and flavonoids) are examined using human observational and intervention studies and appropriate animal models. The role of dietary patterns is also being investigated with a goal of identifying the impact of diet on intestinal microbial communities and, in turn, the effect of these communities on immune function. A goal of this research is to identify mechanisms by which diet affects the immune system in order to improve the scientific basis for dietary recommendations to optimize health.

  Pacific West Area
    Davis, California
      Western Human Nutrition Research Center
      Immunity and Disease Prevention Research
Adkins, Yuriko
(530) 752-9469

Molecular Biologist
Alkan, Zeynep
(530) 752-4725

Cervantes, Eduardo
((53) 0) -754-

Biological Science Technician
Ciulei, Mihaela

Laboratory Worker
Crough, Connie
(530) 383-7479

Biology Technician
Herrera, Wesley
(530) 752-9237

Program Assistant
Huang, Shurong
(530) 752-7376

Molecular Biologist
Hwang, Daniel
(530) 754-4838

Research Molecular Biologist
Jandali, Ola

Biological Laboratory Technical
Jiang, Xiaowen
(530) 752-5502

Molecular Biologist
Kable, Mary
(530) 752-1607

Research Molecular Biologist
Kelley, Darshan
(530) 752-5138

Research Chemist
Lemay, Danielle
(530) 752-4748

Research Molecular Biologist
Stephensen, Charles
(530) 754-9266

Research Leader
Storms, David
(530) 754-5193

Molecular Biologist
Thornton, Christine
(530) 752-9469

Research Affiliate
Tso, Jade
(530) 752-4764

Student Trainee
Wang, Elaine
(530) 754-4838

Biological Science Laboratory Technician (Microbiology)
Wilcox, Christina

Student Trainee
Zhu, Chenghao
(530) 752-4764

Student Assistant
Zunino, Susan
(530) 752-5156

Research Molecular Biologist
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