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Davis, California
Steenwerth, Kerri
Soil Scientist
284 Hutchison Hall, Plant Pathology Dept., UCD
Davis, CA 95616

The location consists of three research units. The research includes: 1) The Crops Pathology Research investigates the nature, etiology, pathogenic effects, & control of diseases affecting grapes and deciduous fruit & nut trees; to develop clean plant material for prevention of disease spread by plant propagation; to develop management practices, soil treatments, and tests ofdisease resistance for control of systemic pathogens; to develop improved rice germplasm through interspecific transfer of disease resistance. 2) The mission of the National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Tree Fruit Nut Crops is to collect, preserve, evaluate, and distribute the genetic resources of the crops assigned to us as part of the U.S. National Genetic Resources Program. 3)The Western Human Nutrition Research Center's goal is to improve the health of all Americans by creating and testing nutrition interventions to improve health, assessing how an individual's environment and genetics affects those interventions, and providing reliable and reproducible research results for developing national nutrition policies.

  Pacific West Area
    Davis, California
Location Support Staff
Crops Pathology and Genetics Research
Nat'l Clonal Germplasm Rep - Tree Fruit & Nut Crops & Grapes
Western Human Nutrition Research Center
Sustainable Agricultural Water Systems Research
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