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Location Support Staff
Robinson, Joyce
Administrative Officer
(530) 752-1006
430 G Street #4160
Davis, CA 95616

The mission of Indirect Research Location Support is (1) to provide administrative services sufficient to relieve research scientists of the day-to-day details of personnel, pay, property, procurement, travel and budget, (2) to facilitate research activities and goals by advising on current administrative policies, rules and regulations, and (3) to process the necessary paper work in a timely and efficient manner to accomplish support activities.

  Pacific West Area
    Davis, California
      Location Support Staff
Lee, Kevin

Student Trainee (Clerk)
Robinson, Joyce
(530) 792-5504

Administrative Officer
Stoker, Richard
(530) 752-5312

IT Specialist
Suarez, Edna
(530) 792-5506

Financial Technician
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