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Kable Lab
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    • Mary Kable, Ph.D.

      Research Scientist

      Adjunct Assistant Professor, UC Davis Department of Nutrition

      Office: (530) 752-1607

      Email address:

      Google Scholar page

      Research Interests

      The Kable laboratory is interested in mechanisms governing how diet impacts the bacterial composition of the human gut and how these diet-bacterial interactions can influence human health. In particular, we are interested in how dietary fiber can affect the composition of the gut microbiota in such a way as to increase or decrease colonization resistance and susceptibility to food borne pathogens.

      Kable Lab Themes

      The Kable Lab research is currently focused on (1) characterization of the gut microbiota in a healthy human cohort and potential interactions between this composition and the long term dietary habits of healthy individuals, (2) optimization of methods for medium through-put culture of diverse gut microbiota, (3) in vitro fermentation of complete gut microbiota and individual bacteria from healthy human subjects with various food components, especially dietary fiber.

    • ARS Employees

      David Storms, Support Scientist

      Laurynne Coates, USDA Postdoctoral Researcher


      Ste Traxler, Graduate Student Researcher

      Sarah Spearman, UC Davis Junior Specialist

      Alyce Faso, UC Davis Undergraduate Volunteer

    • Methods and Technique

      The Kable Lab focuses on methods for the analysis of human gut microbes. For growth and fermentation experiments we use a:

      2.7’ x 6.5’ Coy vinyl anaerobic chamber with space for two people to work, equipped with

      • airlock,

      •oxygen/hydrogen monitor,

      • hydrogen sulfide removal system,

      • incubator

      • and SPECTROstar Nano full UV/Vis spectrum absorbance microplate reader with cuvette port

      Endpoints analyzed in the Kable Lab:

      • 16S rRNA sequence based assessment of human gut microbial communities

      • Cultured bacterial isolates from human gut samples

      • Bacterial growth curves, antibiotic susceptibility, etc.

      • Trans-epithelial resistance of colonic epithelial cells after exposure to microbial fermentation products