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Use of Chlorophyll Fluorescence Assessments to Differentiate Corn Hybrid Response to Variable Water Conditions Reprint Icon - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Oneill, P.M., Shanahan, J.F., Schepers, J.S. 2006. Use of chlorophyll fluorescence assessments to differentiate corn hybrid response to variable water conditions. Crop Science 46:681-687.
Agronomic Responses of Corn Hybrids from Different Eras to Deficit and Adequate Levels of Water and Nitrogen - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Oneill, P.M., Shanahan, J.F., Schepers, J.S., Caldwell, R. 2004. Agronomic responses of corn hybrids from different eras to deficit and adequate levels of water and nitrogen. Agronomy Journal 96:1660-1667.
Use of Chlorophyll Fluorescence to Characterize Water and N Stress Response in Maize Hybrids - (Abstract Only)
Oneill, P.M., Shanahan, J.F., Caldwell, R.M. 2003. Use of chlorophyll fluorescence to characterize water and n stress response in maize hybrids. Agronomy Abstracts. #675817
Chlorophyll Fluorescence Analysis of Maize under Drought and Nitrogen Stress Conditions - (Abstract Only)
Duraes, F., Shanahan, J.F., Russell, W.K., Oneill, P.M., Magalhaes, P.C., Oliveira, A.C. 2003. Chlorophyll fluorescence analysis of maize under drought and nitrogen stress conditions. Agronomy Abstracts. #457971. CDROM
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