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Huang Lab
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    • Liping Huang, Ph.D.

      Research Leader

      Adjunct Professor, UC Davis Department of Nutrition

      Office: (530) 754-5756

      Email address:

      Research Interests

      The Huang lab is focused on the function of zinc transporters in maintaining body zinc homeostasis. Specifically 1) Determine novel functions of zinc related to energy metabolism, insulin resistance in skeletal muscle, and adipose tissue and immune function and 2) Measure and validate novel functional biomarkers of Zn status in response to supplementation of deficient human subjects.

      Huang Lab Themes

      Our research studies focus on cellular zinc regulation and its links to modulation of body weight gain, adiposity, glucose and insulin homeostasis, and immunity. The goal is to understand the mechanism of zinc action in the body.

      • QTL mapping of body weight and adiposity in mice

      • Zinc and immunity

      • Zinc and glucose/insulin metabolism

    • ARS Employees

      Catherine Kirschke, Molecular Biologist

      Surapun Tepaamorndech, PhD candidate, Integrated Genoics and Genetics Graduate Group

    • Methods and Technique

      Molecular biology methods (DNA/RNA isolation, PCR, Western blots, quantitative PCR