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State of Delaware Pesticide Applicator Certification Requirements
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State of Delaware Pesticide Applicator Certification Requirements

General Information - Delaware Title 3, Part II, Chapter 12, outlines the Delaware Pesticide Law that contains pesticide regulatory information for ARS employees applying pesticides in the State of Delaware. Any person in the business of applying pesticides (including general use) to the land of another must obtain a pesticide business license.

An employee of a federal, state, county or local government agency or any training institution which is engaged in pest control that has successfully met the requirements (examination, experience) for certification as a certified public applicator in the State of Delaware is classified as a Public Applicator.

Every employee of a business or agency that performs pest control must register with the Delaware Department of Agriculture. Every business or agency is responsible for ensuring and verifying that any employee working with pesticides (other than certified applicators) successfully completes an employer-sponsored training program that has been approved by the Delaware Department of Agriculture. The certified commercial applicator is responsible for training, training verification, and registering employees who apply pesticides. Any newly hired employee that will be applying pesticides must complete training under a Delaware Department of Agriculture approved training program within 30 days of employment and before registration with the Department. All certified pesticide applicators and registered employees are issued a registration card by the Delaware Department of Agriculture.

A licensee or permittee (i.e., business or agency) may not allow an employee who has failed to successfully complete an approved training program to apply any pesticides unless a certified applicator or registered employee is physically present at the time and place of application. An employee may not use a restricted use pesticide unless that employee is a trained and registered employee applicator or is an employee working under the supervision of a certified applicator.

Basic Certification Requirements - NAA location research employees are required to obtain forms and apply to the Delaware Department of Agriculture for certification as a public agency applicator, generally in category 10 (Demonstration and Research). Applicants must successfully pass a written core examination and the category examination(s). Applicants must register for the pesticide applicator examinations at least one week prior to the exam date. The exams are 'closed-book' and a passing score is 70% or higher. Exams are given four times each year. Certification is valid for one year beginning January 1st, or whenever obtained, until December 31st, when certification must be renewed. Federal, State or Local government employees are exempt from certification and examination fees.

Recertification Requirements - Certified applicators are required to be reexamined through a written test prior to their annual certification renewal. However, the reexamination requirement may be satisfied without taking a test, if the commercial applicator provides the Department with evidence that he has completed a specified minimum number of hours attending approved education courses, seminars or programs during the three calendar years preceding certification renewal. If applicators are certified in multiple categories, they must attend recertification for each category in which they are certified. If a certified applicator does not attend recertification training or provide the Delaware Department of Agriculture with proof of attendance, the applicator must retake the certification exams in order to renew the certificate.

In order to contact your state agency for assistance and information, please refer to the North Atlantic Area State Pesticide Applicator Information Table in this section. Information on the licensing requirements for pesticide applicators in the State of Delaware can be downloaded from the following website: