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SH&E Occupational Medical Surveillance Program
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ARS 182 A/B (pdf)

ARS 182 A/B Back of Form (MS Word?)

ARS 182C (pdf)

ARS 182C(2) (pdf)

ARS 182D (pdf)

OMSP P&P 235.0 (MS Word?)

OMSP Matrix 2007  2

Instructions for OMSP Matrix (MS Word? - 182B Access Database Version 3.0)

Visio? Flowchart - Page 1
Visio? Flowchart - Page 2 (Get Free Visio Viewer from Microsoft?)

Matrix Hard Copy (MS Excel? 2000 - Click on the Matrix tab)1

Chemical List Export (MS Excel? 2000)1

Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisonings (pdf)  

Cholinesterase ARS Guideline (MS Word?)

1These files can be very slow to download over a dial-up connection, so you may want to save them first.  To download them, right-click the link and select the correct menu option for your browser.  For example, in Internet Explorer choose "Save Target As," in Netscape and Mozilla, "Save Link Target As."

2Link to restricted site; for ARS employees only.