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Proper Unloading the Autoclave
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When the cycle is complete, wait until the chamber pressure gauge reads zero before attempting to open the autoclave. Also, be aware of molten agar that may have collected in the secondary container during the cycle.

Packaging for autoclaving
1. Open the sterilizer door no more than 0.5 inch; wait 10 minutes before unloading items such as bottles.

2. Wear heat resistant gloves to unload items.

3. Be very careful of liquids, molten agar, etc. to avoid getting splashed with scalding liquid. Do not agitate containers of super-heated liquid or remove caps before unloading. Best to wait at least 1 hour before handling them

4. Securely close the red/orange bag and unload hot items onto a cart for transport.

5. Place the treated autoclave bags into non see-though opaque bag and tie them securely before disposing to the dumpter.

NOTE: If a faulty condition exists (sterilizer did not finish the cycle, or water leaks outwhen the door is unlocked), contact a service technician.

Proper Record Keeping