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Proper Loading of Autoclave Unit
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To effectively sterilize biohazardous waste, it is important to properly load th autocalve. Adding one cup of water to solid wastes creates additional steam that drives residual air from bag.

Packaging for autoclaving

1. Place containers of liquid, bags of agar plates, or other items that may boil over or leak insidea secondary pan in the autoclave.

2. Never place autoclave bags or glassware in direct contact with the bottom of the autoclave.

3. Do not overload the autoclave; leave sufficient room for thorough steam circulation.

4. Make sure the plug screen in the bottom of the autoclave is clean.

5. Do not mix loads of liquids with solids.

6. Never place sharps (syringes with needles) in a biohazard bags. All sharps need to be disposed of in sharp containers.

Proper Operating Parameters