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Chemical Safety
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 Laboratory animation

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has enacted "Right to Know" legislation that requires employers to provide information to employees that alerts them to the hazards they are exposed to or can be potentially exposed to while doing their jobs. You have the "right to know" what could hurt you while at work.

chemical explosion
The following video is a supplement to the training session.

 Chemical Hazards in Quicktime Movie
RunningTime: 8 minutes

OSHA's Lab Standard is not as restrictive as the Hazard Communication standard but does require a written Chemical Hygiene Plan that addresses the following:

  • Designation of a Chemical Hygiene Officer to implement the plan and review it annually

  • Hazard Identification

  • Proper Labeling of hazardous materials, including those transferred from their original container

  • Employee access to MSDS's

  • An initial Employee Exposure Determination and periodic monitoring when certain exposure levels are exceeded. Employees must be informed of the results

  • Medical surveillance for employees whose exposures exceed certain levels

  • What Personal Protective Equipment will be used and when

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