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Strawberry Releases
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Newer USDA Strawberry Releases

Strawberries in a flat

Flavorfest - 2012

Season: long mid-season, short-day
Adaptation Performs well in annual black plasticulture and traditional matted row production systems
Description of fruit:Flavorfest' was trialed as B1033 and has consistently performed as a top-yielding, large-fruited selection in the plasticulture production system at Beltsville, MD. 'Flavorfest' fruit have excellent flavor, are large, bright red, and appear distinctively plump. Fruiting season in plasticulture is similar to that of 'Chandler,' in that it is longer than most other cultivars and peaks at the same time. 'Flavorfest' has shown no susceptibility to anthracnose crown and fruit rot in the Beltsville fields. 'Flavorfest' is resistant or tolerant to most of the stem and leaf diseases. Percentage of 'Flavorfest' fruits showing Botrytis fruit rot, when harvested from untreated fields, is similar to or lower than other currently available mid-season cultivars grown in the Mid-Atlantic.


Ovation Strawberries in a basket


Season: An exceptionally late-season cultivar.
Adaptation Performs well in the Mid-Atlantic and surround-ing areas Among the top-yielding cultivars in plasticulture at Beltsville, MD. Selected as a seedling resistant to five eastern U.S. races of red stele root rot but was not retested before release to confirm.
Description of fruit:Fruit are consistently very attractive, firm, with glossy, bright red to orange-red, slightly tender skin; flavor is pleasant, mild, and aromatic. Fruit are higher in antioxidant capacity than other cultivars tested in Beltsville.


Image of a pint basket full of Delmarvel strawberries


Season: Ripens in early midseason
Adaptation: Middle Atlantic and adjacent regions
Description of fruit: very attractive and symmetrical, firm, tough, possesses good flavor, and outstanding aroma.




Image of a pint basket full of Northeaster strawberries


Season: Ripens in early season
Adaptation: Northeastern United States and adjacent areas.
Description of fruit: firm, large, and has the strong flavor and aroma of its Holiday parent.


Image of a pint basket full of PrimeTime strawberries


Season: Ripens in midseason
Adaptation: Middle Atlantic and adjacent regions
Description of fruit: attractive, symmetrical, bright scarlet in skin color and pink in flesh color, and has a pleasant, mild, lightly aromatic flavor.


Image of a pint basket full of LateStar Strawberries


Season: Ripens in late season
Adaptation: Middle Atlantic region
Description of fruit: attractive and firm, has tough, glossy red skin and light red flesh color, and a pleasant and mild, slightly acidic fresh flavor.


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