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WEPP Model Documentation
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USDA-Water Erosion Prediction Project
Hillslope Profile and Watershed Model Documentation
NSERL Report #10, July 1995

Errata for Model Documentation 


Chapter Title

Adobe Acrobat Format
  Cover Page cover.pdf
  Abstract abstract.pdf
  Table of Contents tc.pdf
Chapter 1 Overview of the WEPP Erosion Prediction Model chap1.pdf
Chapter 2 Weather Generator* chap2.pdf
Chapter 3 Winter Hydrology** chap3.pdf
Chapter 4 Hillslope Surface Hydrology chap4.pdf
Chapter 5 Water Balance and Percolation chap5.pdf
Chapter 6 Subsurface Hydrology*** chap6.pdf
Chapter 7 Soil Component chap7.pdf
Chapter 8 Plant Growth Component chap8.pdf
Chapter 9 Residue Decomposition and Management chap9.pdf
Chapter 10 Hydraulics of Overland Flow chap10.pdf
Chapter 11 Hillslope Erosion Component chap11.pdf
Chapter 12 Irrigation Component chap12.pdf
Chapter 13 Watershed Model Channel Hydrology and Erosion Processes**** chap13.pdf
Chapter 14 Surface Impoundment Element Model Description chap14.pdf
Appendix Status of the Computer Code as of July 1995 append.pdf

* - A newer version of CLIGEN includes quality control algorithms. The processing is described in the paper Implementing quality control on a random number stream to improve a stochastic weather generator

** - The WEPP winter processing changed significantly in model version 2008.907. A preliminary update describing the changes is available here.

***- The WEPP subsurface hydrology changed in model version 2006.5. A document describing the changes is available here.

**** -The WEPP channel routing was expanded in model version 2012.8. A paper describing the updates is available here. A description of the required chan.inp file is available at: chan.inp format

WEPP Users Summary (PDF Format)  ( from NSERL Report #11, July 1995, 1.1MByte)

WEPP Users Summary (HTML Format) (External Site) From NSERL Report #11, July 1995)

WEPP Users Summary Addendum (PDF Format) (updated 03.06.2000)

WEPP User Requirements (PDF Format) (from NSERL Report #1, 1987, 5.4MByte)

User Requirements (External Site) (HTML, derived from NSERL Report #1 for WEPP95 CD-ROM) September 1987.

A Compendium of Soil Erodibility Data (External Site) (HTML, derived from NSERL Report #3 for WEPP95 CD-ROM) August 1989.