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The Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) model is a process-based, distributed parameter, continuous simulation, erosion prediction model for use on personal computers running Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows10. The current model version (v2012.8) available for download is applicable to hillslope erosion processes (sheet and rill erosion), as well as simulation of the hydrologic and erosion processes on small watersheds. Included in the download package is the WEPP model (version 2012.8), WEPP Windows interface (August 2012), CLIGEN climate generators (versions 4.3 and 5.3), documentation and example data.

Overview of Soil Erosion
WEPP Model v2012.8 Release Notes

WEPP Model Documentation
WEPP Publications Bibliography List

Agricultural Research magazine article on WEPP
WEPP Windows Frequently Asked Questions 

WEPP Windows Interface Tutorial (PDF)
WEPP Windows Interface - creating slope inputs
WEPP Windows Interface - creating soil inputs
WEPP Windows Interface - creating management inputs

Using Tile Drainage with version 2012.8 (PDF)

Historic Background on Soil Conservation Research(PDF 7mb)

WEPP Development History(PDF 9mb)

WEPP Windows Interface how-to videos



Download WEPP for Windows (August 2012)

Previous versions of the model are also available from the download page.

WEPP Windows 7 and Windows 10 Install Notes

Climate Data

CLIGEN  Information
Using Climate data in WEPP Windows
WEPPCLIFF Process Observed Climate data for WEPP (2020)
Breakpoint Climate Generator (2016)
WEPP/SWAT Future Climate Generator

Cligen parameter files for about 2600 stations in the US are included in the install package.

12/11/2008 - Cligen PAR file documentation for wind speed and wind speed standard deviation should be stated in units of m/s. In addition to the  input file for Cligen (PAR file), the Cligen output file and WEPP model use units of m/s for wind speed. The corrected Cligen PAR file documentation is available here. The WEPP model, Cligen model and climate data files have not changed.

Soil Data

Soil parameter inputs for WEPP are based on 1992 SOILS-5 data. The install package includes soil archive files for each state. These archives can be used with the WEPP Windows Interface by selecting the Tools menu and then Soil Archive Program.

Management Data

Example managements for agriculture, rangeland and forest are included in the install package.

Related Software

A Web browser interface to WEPP model. Run WEPP simulations without having to download the software, simulations are run on servers at the NSERL.  

Forest Service WEPP interfaces.The US Forest Service has developed specific web based interfaces for western forest and logging activities.

A standalone GIS interface for WEPP (GeoWEPP) is available as extensions for several GIS software packages that enables interested users to derive WEPP hillslope and watershed model input data sets, create scenarios, and visualize results based on commonly available (or custom-built) Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), soils, and/or landuse/land/cover data.

DOS Interface file builders for WEPP. (1995) This software is no longer being updated but is available for download.

CPIDS.(1997) Crop Parameter Knowledge Based System. CPIDS was developed to assist crop database builders and users of RUSLE and WEPP in interpretation of plant characteristics and selection of plant parameters. RUSLE, WEPP and other erosion prediction and natural resource models require detailed input parameters including those describing cropping systems. This software is no longer being updated but is available for download.

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