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Rust Susceptible Berberis, Mahoberberis, and Mahonia
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Rev. 11-216-71



Please note:many barberry cultivars tested in recent years and found susceptible are not included in this list. Thus, cultivars that are not included in this list or in the list of resistant culitvars should be assumed to be either susceptible or not yet cleared for distribution in the barberry protected areas.

These species and varieties have been found to be susceptible by greenhouse tests, field observations, or evidence of infection on herbarium specimens.

The species and variety names in black (non-indented) are accepted terminology.

Scientific Name


Common Name


Berberis acuminata Franch.


Berberis aemulans Schneid.


Berberis aetnensis Presl.

Aetna Barberry

Berberis aggregata Schneid.

Salmon Barberry

Berberis aggregata pratti Schneid.

Pratt Barberry

= B. brevipaniculata Bean


Berberis alksuthiensis Hort. ex Usteri


Berberis amurensis Rupr.

Amur Barberry

Berberis amurensis japonica (Regel) Rehd.

Hakodate Barberry

= B. regeliana Koehne


Berberis angulosa Wall.

Redbead Barberry

Berberis aristata DC.

Spinetooth Barberry

= B. floribunda Lindl.


Berberis aristata coriaria (Royle) Schneid.


= B. aristata floribunda Bean and


= B. coriaria Royle


Berberis arvensis Hort.


Berberis asiatica Roxb.

Asiatic Barberry

= B. hypoleuca Lindl.


Berberis atrocarpa Schneid.

Jetbead Barberry

= B. levis - Bean not Franch.


Berberis barbarossa Ahrendt


= B. aggregata barbarossa Hort.


Berberis bergmanniae Schneid.

Bergmann Barberry

Berberis boschanii Schneid.


Berberis brachypoda Maxim.

Yellowspike Barberry

Berberis bretschneideri Rehd.

Purpleberry Barberry

Berberis canadensis Mill.

Allegany Barberry

= B. angulizans Massias


= B. caroliniana Loud. and


= B. fischeri Hort.


Berberis cerasina Schrad.


Berberis chinensis Poir

Caucasian Barberry

= B. serotina Lange


= B. sinensis Desf.


= B. spathulata Schrad.


= B. guimpeli K K & B


= B. sanguinolenta Schrad.


Berberis chitria Lindl.


= B. aristata - Sims not DC.


Berberis chrysosphaera Mulligan


Berberis consimilis Schneid.


Berberis convulvulvia Hort.


Berberis coriaria var. patula Ahrendt


Berberis crataegina DC.

Hawthorn Barberry

Berberis cretica L.

Cretan Barberry

Berberis declinata Schrad.

Drooping Barberry

Berberis declinata oxyphylla Schneid.

Sharpleaf Drooping Barberry

Berberis delavayi Schneid.


Berberis diaphana Maxim.

Reddrop Barberry

Berberis dictyoneura Schneid.


Berberis dictyophylla Franch.

Chalkleaf Barberry

Berberis dielsiana Fedde

Diels Barberry

Berberis durobrivensis Schneid.


Berberis edgeworthiana Schneid.

Edgeworth Barberry

Berberis emarginata Willd.

Notched Barberry

Berberis emarginata britzensis Schneid.


Berberis empetrifolia Lsm.

Crow Barberry

Berberis fendleri A. Gray

Colorado Barberry

Berberis francisci-ferdinandi Schneid.

Pendant Barberry

Berberis fuschioides Hort.


Berberis glaucocarpa Ahrendt


Berberis globosa Benth.


Berberis henryana Schneid.

Henry Barberry

Berberis heteropoda Schrenk.

Turkestan Barberry

Berberis Holstii Engler

Holst's Barberry

Berberis hookeri Lem.

Hooker's Barberry

= B. wallichiara Hook not DC.


Berberis hookeri viridis Schneid.

Green Hooker's Barberry

Berberis humido-umbrosa Ahrendt


Berberis hybrido serrata Hort.


Berberis hypokerina Airy Shaw

Violetbead Barberry

Berberis ilicifolia Forst.

Holly Barberry

Berberis jamesiana Forr. & W W S

James Barberry

Berberis knightii Hort. (1)


Berberis koehneana Schneid.


Berberis laxiflora Schrad.


Berberis laxiflora langeana Schneid.


= B. guimpeli Hort. not Koch.


Berberis lecomtei Schneid.

Lecomte Barberry

Berberis leichtlinii Hort.


Berberis lucida Schrad.

Shiny Barberry

Berberis lycium Royle

Boxthorn Barberry

= B. ruscifolia lav. not lam.


= B. elegans Hort.


= B. elegantissima Hort.


= B. sulcata Koch & Bouche


Berberis macracantha Schrad.

Purplebead Barberry

Berberis meehanii Schneid.

Meehan Barberry

Berberis mitifolia Stapf

Shansi Barberry

Berberis mitis Schrad.


Berberis morrisonensis Hayata

Taiwan Barberry

Berberis notabilis Schneid.


Berberis nummularia Bge

Moneyleaf Barberry

Berberis oblonga (Regal)Schneid.

Bigflower Barberry

Berberis orthobotrys Bienert


Berberis ottawensis Schneid.

Ottawa Barberry

= B. auricoma Lemoine


Berberis parvifolia Sprague

Ground Barberry

Berberis parviflora Lindl.


Berberis poiretii Schneid.

Poiret Barberry

Berberis poiretii latifolia Schneid.


Berberis poiretii weichangensis Schneid.


Berberis polyantha Hemsl.

Chromeflower Barberry

Berberis provincialis serrata Schneid.


Berberis pruinosa Franch.

Hollygreen Barberry

Berberis rubrostilla Chitt. var. "Autumn Cheer"


Berberis rubrostilla Chitt. var. "Crawleyensis"


Berberis rubrostilla Chitt. var. "Firefly"


Berberis rubrostilla Chitt. var. "Sparkler"


Berberis rugidicans Hort.


Berberis "Sheridan red" Hort.

Sheridan red Barberry (1)

Berberis "Sherman red leaf" Hort.

Sherman red leaf Barberry (1)

Berberis sibirica Pall.

Siberian Barberry

= B. altaica Pall.


Berberis sieboldi Miq.

Siebold Barberry

Berberis soulieana Schneid.

Soulie Barberry

Berberis spaethi Schneid.

Spaeth Barberry

Berberis stiebritziana Ahrendt


Berberis suberecta Ahrendt


= B. giraldi Hort. (Not Hesse)


Berberis superba hybrid Hort.


Berberis thibetica Schneid.

Thibetan Barberry

Berberis turcommanica var. integerrima


Berberis turcomanica (Bunge) Schneid.


= B. integerrima Bunge


Berberis umbellata Wall.

Himalayan Barberry

Berberis vanfleeti Schneid.

Vanfleet Barberry

Berberis veitchii Schneid.


Berberis vernae Schneid.

Verna Barberry

= B. caroli var. hoanghensis Schneid.


Berberis viridis Hort.


Berberis vulgaris L.

European Barberry

Berberis vulgaris alba West

Whitefruit Barberry

Berberis vulgaris atropurpurea Reg. F

Purple Barberry

Berberis vulgaris enuclea West

Seedless Barberry

= B. vulgaris asperma Willd


Berberis vulgaris lutea DC

Yellow Barberry

Berberis vulgaris macrocarpa Jaeger


Berberis vulgaris nigra DC.


Berberis vulgaris shevalle Hort.


Berberis vulgaris sulcata Hort.


Berberis violacea DC.


= B. vulgaris sanguinolenta Hort.


Berberis wilsonae Hemsl.

Wilson Barberry

Berberis wilsonae stapfiana Schneid.

Eggfruit Wilson Barberry

= B. stapfiana Schneid.


Berberis wilsonae subcaulialata Schneid.

Pinkberry Barberry

= B. coryi Veitch and


= B. subcaulialata Schneid.


Berberis yunnanensis Franch.




Mahonia fremontii (Torr.) Fedde

Fremont Mahonia

Mahonia haematocarpa (Woot.) Fedde

Red Mahonia

Mahonia napaulensis DC.

Nepal Mahonia

= M. napaulensis Roxb.


Mahonia nevinii (A. Gray) Fedde

Nevin Mahonia

Mahonia swaseyi (Buckl.) Fedde

Texas Mahonia

Mahonia trifoliolata (Moric.) Fedde

Laredo Mahonia



MahoBerberis neubertii (Baumann) Schneid.


= B. ilicifolia Hort.



(1) Names accepted by the trade but not listed in Standardized Plant Names.


*A source of Berberis koreana (identified by a taxonomist), provided by the Soil Conservation Service (New York) to the Cereal Rust Laboratory, was found susceptible to Pucciniagraminis. Earlier sources of B. koreana were resistant to P. graminis.

Some spelling corrections were made according to L.W.A. Ahrendt. 1961. Journal of the Linnean Society of London 57:1-410.

The following names on the above list were not found in Ahrendt (1961):

B. aristata coriaria
B. arvensis
B. convulvulvia
B. fuschioides
B. hybrido serrata
B. mitis
B. poiretii latifolia
B. poiretii weichangensis
B. rugidicans
B. spaethi

B. superba hybrid
B. turcommanica var integerrima
B. viridis
B. vulgaris alba
B. vulgaris atropurpurea
B. vulgaris enuclea
B. vulgaris lutea
B. vulgaris macrocarpa
B. vulgaris nigra
B. vulgaris shevalle