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2007 Reprints
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Publications may be selected by Author or by Year. See additional information about our publications and to order reprints. PDF files of reprints will be available soon.

1426.Archer, D.W. A.A. Jaradat, J.M-F. Johnson, S. Lachnicht Weyers, R.W. Gesch, F. Forcella, and H.K. Kludze. 2007. Crop Productivity and Economics during the Transition to Alternative Cropping Systems. Agronomy Journal 99:1538-1547. (134 K)
1453.Berti, M., B. Johnson, R. Gesch and F. Forcella. 2007. Cuphea plant nitrate content and seed yield response to nitrogen fertilizer. p. 111-119. IN: J. Janick and A. Whipkey (ed.) Issues in new crops and new uses. ASHS Press, Alexandria, VA.
1419.Cardina, J., C.P. Herms, D.A. Herms, and  F.Forcella. 2007. Evaluating phenological indicators for predicting giant foxtail (Setaria faberi) emergence. Weed Sci. 55:455-464. (248 K)
1416.Forcella, F., D. Archer and K. Spokas. 2007. Canada thistle phenology: Emergence, growth, anthesis, and death of shoots. Weed Sci. Soc. Am. Abstracts. Weed Sci. Soc., Champaign, IL.  PDF: 26 K.
1404.Forcella, F. and S. Lachnicht Weyers. 2007. Mid-continent fall temperatures at the 10-cm soil depth. Agronomy Journal 99:862-866. (137 K)
1401.Forcella, F., K. Spokas, R.W. Gesch, T.A. Isbell and D.W. Archer. 2007. Swathing and windrowing as harvest aids for cuphea. Agron. J. 99: 415-418. (90 K)
1436.Franzluebbers, A.J. and J. Johnson. 2007. Crop residues: A resource for whom? American Society of Agronomy Abstract. [CD-ROM computer file] ASA, Madison, WI.
1390.Gesch, R.W. and F. Forcella. 2007. Differential sensitivity to temperature of cuphea vegetative and reproductive growth. Industrial Crops and Products 25:305-309. (160 K)
1460.Gesch, R.W., D. Palmquist and J.V. Anderson. 2007. Seasonal photosynthesis and partitioning of nonstructural carbohydrates in leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula). Weed Sci. 55:346-351. (369 K)
1355.Gesch, R.W., D.C. Reicosky, R.A. Gilbert and D.R. Morris. 2007. Influence of tillage and plant residue management on respiration of a Florida Everglades Histosol. Soil Tillage Res. 92:156-166. (580 K)
1418.Gonz?lez-D?az, L., E. Leguizam?n, F. Forcella and J.L. Gonz?lez-And?jar. 2007. Short communication. Integration of emergence and population dynamics models for long term weed management using wild oat (Avena fatua L.) as an example. Spanish J. Agric. Res. 5(2):199-203. PDF: 71 K.
1428. Jaradat, A.A. 2007. Predictive grain yield models based on canopy structure and structural plasticity. Communications in Biometry and Crop Science. 2(2):74-89. (1418 K)
1482. Jaradat, A.A. 2007. Strategies to restore fragmented meta-populations of Fertile Crescent wheat landraces. Restory Ancient Wheat. p. 6.
1481. Jaradat, A.A. 2007. The genetic structure of wheat landraces and the challenge to conserve them on the farm. Restoring Ancient Wheat. p. 5.
1435. Jaradat, A., J. Johnson, S. Weyers and N. Barbour. 2007. Dynamics of crop residue composition-decomposition: Temporal modeling of multivariate carbon sources and processes. American Society of Agronomy Abstract. [CD-ROM computer file] ASA, Madison, WI.
1391.Jaradat, A.A., D. Surek and D.W. Archer. 2007. Phenotypic plasticity and fractal dimension are strong determinants of grain yield in soybean. In: Proceedings of PMA06: The Second International Symposium on Plant Growth Modeling, Simulation, Visualization and Applications, November 13-17, 2006, Beijing, China. 6 pp. PDF: 319 K.
1447.Jaradat, A.A., D. Surek and D.W. Archer. 2007. Structural and fractal dimensions are reliable determinants of grain yield in soybean. P. 153-158. In T. Fourcaud, X-P Zhang. (ed.) Proc. Second Intl. Symp. Plant Growth Modeling, Simulation, Visualization and Applications, Beijing, China13-17 Nov. 2006. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., Los Alamitos, CA. (266 K)
1422.Johnson, J.M-F. 2007. Biomass production and soil carbon. Soil Quality: The Foundation for Natural Resource Conservation Abstracts. Soil and Water Conservation Society. P. 10. PDF: 13 K.
1433.Johnson, J., D. Archer and N. Barbour. 2007. Three years of greenhouse gas flux from contrasting management scenarios in the northern Corn Belt. American Society of Agronomy Abstract. [CD-ROM computer file] ASA, Madison, WI.
1374.Johnson, J.M., N.W. Barbour, and S.L. Lachnicht Weyers. 2007. Chemical composition of crop biomass impacts its decomposition. Soil Sci. Soc. of Am. J. 71(1):155-162. (551 K)
1413.Johnson, J. M-F., M.D. Coleman, R. Gesch, A. Jaradat, R. Mitchell, D. Reicosky, W.W. Wilhelm. 2007. Biomass-Bioenergy crops in the United States: A changing paradigm. The Americas Journal of Plant Science and Biotechnology. 1(1): 1-28. PDF: 1,257 K.
1427.Johnson, J.M., A.J. Franzluebbers, S.L. Lachnicht Weyers, D.C. Reicosky. 2007. Agricultural opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental Pollution. 150:107-124. (615 K)
1402.Johnson, J.M., B.S. Sharratt, D.C. Reicosky, and M.J. Lindstrom, 2007. Impact of high-lignin fermentation byproduct on soils with contrasting soil organic carbon content. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 71(4):1151-1159. (542 K)
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1411.Karlen, D.L., J.M. Johnson, W.W. Wilhelm, and R.F.Follet. 2007. Balancing crop biomass for bioenergy and conservation. Soil and Water Conservation Society, Ankeny, IA. p. 64. PDF: 98 K.
1438. Koskinen, W.C., T.B. Moorman, J.C. Anhalt, S.K. Papiernik and L. Cox. 2007. Characterization of imidacloprid availability in subsurface soils. Proc. XIII Symposium in Pesticide Chemistry: Environmental Fate and Human Health. Sept. 3-6, 2007, Piacenza, Italy. p. 88-91.
1455. La Scala, Jr., N., A. Lopes, K. Spokas, D. Bolohezi, D.W. Archer and D.C. Reicosky. 2007. Short-term temporal changes of bare soil CO2 fluxes after tillage described by a first-order decay model. Proc. International Symposium on Organic Matter Dyanmics in Agro Ecosystems. July 16-19, 2007, Poitiers, France. I: 98-99.
1403. Lal, R., D.C. Reicosky and J.D. Hanson. 2007. Evolution of the plow over 10,000 years and the rationale for no-till farming. Soil Tillage Res. 93:1-12. (849 K)
1405.Li, S. D.A. Lobb and M.J. Lindstrom. 2007. Tillage and water erosion on different landscapes in the northern North American Great Plains evaluated using 137Cs technique and soil erosion models. Catena. 70:493-505. PDF: 1343 K.
1395.Li, S., D.A. Lobb and M.J. Lindstrom. 2007. Tillage translocation and tillage erosion in cereal-based production in Manitoba, Canada. Soil Tillage Res. 94:164-182. PDF: 1,696 K.
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1387.Papiernik, S.K., M.J. Lindstrom, T.E. Schumacher, J.A. Schumacher, D.D. Malo and D.A. Lobb. 2007. Characterization of soil profiles in a landscape affected by long-term tillage. Soil Tillage Res. 93:335-345. (526 K
1423.Papiernik, S.K., S.R. Yates, W.C. Koskinen and B. Barber. 2007. Processes affecting the dissipation of the herbicide Isoxaflotole and its diketonitrile metabolite in agricultural soils under field conditions. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. 55(21): 8630-8639. (788 K)
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