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Torey Looft

Research Microbiologist


Torey Looft
National Animal Disease Center
Research Microbiologist
Phone (515) 337-7140
P.O. Box 70
1920 Dayton Ave.Ames, IA  50010


1997-2001 Bowling Green State University; major, Biology; BS, 2002
2002-2005 Bowling Green State University; major, Conservation Biology; MS.
2007-2012 Iowa State University; major, Microbiology; Ph.D. 2012
2012-2013 GS-11, Postdoctoral Research Microbiologist, USDA, ARS, NADC
2013-Present GS-13, Research Microbiologist, USDA, ARS, NADC


  1. Investigate the effects of antibiotics and non-antibiotic feed additives on the expression and transmission of virulence, fitness or antimicrobial resistance genes in intestinal microbial populations.
  2. Characterize host responses to Campylobacter spp. colonization and subsequent changes in intestinal microbiota.
  3. Evaluate environmental and host influences on gut bacterial ecological niches and foodborne pathogen control strategies.

Laboratory Personnel:

Lisa Lai - Biological Science Lab Tech
Timothy Johnson - Post doc
Laura Tucker – Stud. Biol. Sci.

Recent Publications: Complete list of published work:[Author]

Johnson, T. A., R. D. Stedtfeld, Q. Wang, J. R. Cole, S. A. Hashsham, T. Looft, Y.-  Zhu and J. M. Tiedje. "Clusters of Antibiotic Resistance Genes Enriched Together Stay Together in Swine Agriculture." mBio 7(2). 2016.

Looft T., D. O. Bayles, D. P. Alt, T. B. Stanton. Complete genome sequence of Coriobacteriaceae Strain 68-1-3, a novel mucus- degrading isolate from the swine intestinal tract. Genome Announc. 3: e01143. 2015.

Looft T., H. K. Allen, T. A. Casey, D. P. Alt, T. B. Stanton. Carbadox has both temporary and lasting effects on the swine gut microbiota. Front Microbiol 5: 276.

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