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Recently Accepted Publications (page 1) July 2021
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This addresses USDA-ARS Research Goal: Enhanced knowledge of food qualities and nutritional value at genetic and physiological levels

Siaw, M.O., Wang, Y.J., McClung, A.M. and Mauromoustakos, A., 2021. Effect of protein denaturation and lipid removal on rice physicochemical properties. LWT, p.112015.


Rice flour is growing in popularity as a food ingredient due to its hypoallergenicity and bland taste. Cooking properties of rice flour are predominantly governed by starch, however, proteins and lipids also impact end-use properties of the grain. Glutelin and prolamin are two of the main proteins in rice and affect viscosity of the cooked starch. Lipids are highly concentrated in the bran, outer layer of brown rice. These compounds are known to vary among different rice cultivars. This study evaluated four rice cultivars and demonstrated that protein denaturation (PD) and lipid removal (LR) had some contrasting effects, with PD increasing gelatinization temperatures, while LR decreased gelatinization temperatures, whereas both PD and LR reduced pasting and swelling properties. In addition, the combined PD and LR treatments resulted in more significant increases in gelatinization temperatures and decreases in pasting, swelling power and water solubility properties than the individual treatments.  These results demonstrate that heat treatment can be employed to produce brown rice flour with improved heat and shear stabilities for specific food product applications using brown rice as nutrient rich ingredient and some rice varieties may be more suitable than others.



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