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Eastern Regional Small Grains Genotyping Laboratory
Raleigh, North Carolina
Dr. Gina Brown-Guedira, Research Geneticist 
Applying Genomics for Improvement of Small Grains 

Gina Brown-Guedira

Crop Science Dept.
Box 7620
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695

The Eastern Regional Small Grain Genotyping Lab at Raleigh, NC collaborates with small grains breeding programs across the United States.

Small Grains Genotyping Laboratory personnel.

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Nursery Marker Reports 


Goals of the USDA Regional Small Grain Genotyping Laboratories

1) Develop new molecular marker technologies;  2) Implement effective strategies for their application in breeding for small grain crops;  3) Provide breeders the access to sophisticated and state-of-the-art molecular technologies;  4) Maximize the efficiency of small grain breeding programs to speed up the process of new cultivar release.

Crops include soft red and white winter wheat, specialty-purpose wheat, winter barley and winter oats.

We focus on the following main traits for molecular genotyping:  1) Quality traits related to protein functionality, sprouting resistance, milling and baking quality in wheat;  2)  Resistance to production risks, including resistance to powdery mildew, Hessian fly, Septoria tritici and Stagonospora nordorum, Fusarium head blight, and leaf, stem and stripe rust in wheat; resistance to crown rust and winter injury in oats; and, resistance to barley yellow dwarf virus in wheat and oats.