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Food Processing and Sensory Quality Research Unit develops technologies that optimize the nutritional and health benefits, functional properties, and sensory qualities of agricultural commodities, thus, enhancing their utilization. A multi-disciplined team of scientists are meeting these challenges by: 1) obtaining a basic biochemical understanding of the interactions of food components attributed to quality characteristics including flavor (development and deterioration) and functionality properties of the food and its individual components, 2) scientifically defining and measuring sensory and other quality attributes in foods before and after processing, 3) designing cost-effective, environmentally-acceptable processes for converting foods and their separated components into value-added products, and 4) developing technologies for predicting and assessing the nutritional, sensory, and processing quality attributes of foods.

The Food Processing and Sensory Quality Research is located in New Orleans, LA and is part of the Southeast Area.
The Research Leader is Brennan Smith.
Phone: (504)286-4448
Fax: 504 286-4448
1100 Robert E Lee Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70124-4305