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Ariel A Szogi

Soil Scientist

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Ariel A. Szogi

Research Leader
Coastal Plains Soil, Water, and Plant Research Center
2611 West Lucas St., Florence, SC 29501-1242

Dr. Szogi is a Supervisory Soil Scientist serving as the Research Leader/Location Coordinator of the Coastal Plains Soil, Water, and Plant Research Center. He provides leadership for the Center’s mission to conduct research and transfer solutions that improve agricultural production, protect the environment, and enhance the conservation of natural resources. His personal research is focused on the development of improved and new technologies for livestock waste management and manure byproduct utilization.

Education and Training:

Ph.D., Soil Science, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
M.S., Soil and Water Management, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
B.S., Agronomy, University of the Republic (UDELAR), Montevideo, Uruguay

Professional Experience:

Research Leader, USDA-ARS, Florence, SC
Research Soil Scientist, UDA-ARS, Florence, SC.
Extension Assistant Professor, Washington State University
Post-Doctoral Researcher, USDA-ARS, Florence, SC and North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Selected Publications:

• Szogi, A.A., Takata, V.H., and Shumaker, P.D. 2020. Chemical extraction of phosphorus from dairy manure and utilization of recovered manure solids. Agronomy 10:1725.

• Szogi A.A., Vanotti, M.B., and Shumaker, P.D. 2018. Economic recovery of calcium phosphates from swine lagoon sludge using quick wash process and geotextile filtration. Front. Sustain. Food Syst. 2:37.

• Szogi, A.A., Vanotti, M.B., and Rothrock, M.J. 2015. Gaseous ammonia removal method. U.S. Patent 9,174,850 B2.

• Szogi, A.A., Vanotti, M.B., and Hunt, P.G. 2014. Process for removing and recovering phosphorus from animal waste. US Patent 8,673,046 B1.

• Szogi, A.A., Bauer, P.J., and Vanotti, M.B. 2010. Fertilizer effectiveness of phosphorus recovered from broiler litter. Agron. J. 102:723-727.

• Szogi, A.A. and Vanotti, M.B. Removal of phosphorus from livestock effluents. 2009. J. Environ. Qual. 38:576-586.

• Szogi, A.A., Vanotti, M.B., and Hunt, P.G. Phosphorus recovery from poultry litter. 2008. Trans. ASABE 51:1727-1734.

• Szogi, A.A., and Vanotti, M.B. 2007. Abatement of ammonia emissions from swine lagoons using polymer-enhanced solid-liquid separation. Appl. Engr. Agric. 23:837-845.

• Szogi, A.A., Vanotti, M.B., and Hunt, P.G. 2006. Dewatering of phosphorus extracted from liquid swine waste. Bioresour. Technol. 97:183-190.

• Szogi, A.A., Vanotti, M.B., Rice, J.M., Humenik, F.J., and Hunt, P.G. 2004. Nitrification options for pig wastewater treatment. New Zealand J. Agric. Res. 47:439-448.